Petition urges European nations, USA to ban beef import from India

By Staff Reporter

A petition on is demanding European Countries, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada to impose an immediate ban on beef import from the India, The petition, raised on behalf of Council for Protection of Civil Rights, has also urged the nations to demand Indian Government to bring an immediate end to mob-lynching.

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It says, “We have to show our resentment on genocide and hate crimes being committed in India by the right wing fascist party and its allied terror organisations.”

It also urged countries to issue an advisory while travelling to India.”We urge issuance of urgent travel advisory against travel to India in light of lynching on suspicion of eating beef and carrying beef,” the petition says.

The petition attaches a list of recent events of killings and lynching where the majority of the victims have been Muslims or Dalits.

The petition is addressed to Council of European Union, UK Parliament, European Parliament, President of United States, European Commission, US House of Representatives, US Senate, Theresa May as the UK Prime Minister and as Leader of the Conservative Party, Jeremy Corbyn as the Leader of Labour Party and Justin Trudeau who is Canadian Prime Minister.

The petition reads, “We are alarmed at the insecurity and threat to Muslims’ lives in various parts of the country through lynch-mobs. The organisations like these should be put on the list of terrorist organisations.”