16-year-old Muslim youth stabbed to death, three injured in mob attack over allegations of carrying beef

Janaaza of Junaid

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

In yet another incident of mob violence over alleged beef consumption, one Muslim was stabbed by a mob when he along with his brothers was travelling in a train from Delhi to Ballabhgarh, Haryana.

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Junaid, Hashim, Shaqir and Mohsin were returning to their home after shopping for Eid from Sadar Bazar of Delhi. They were returning to Ballabhgarh of Haryana by Delhi-Mathura EMU express.

According to the statement submitted by Hashim, fellow train passengers started abusing them as soon they boarded the train from Tughlaqabad. When the four Muslim guys resisted, they were beaten up. Meanwhile other train passengers joined the public beating of these four men.

Two persons from the mob took out knives and stabbed four of them. 16-year-old Junaid could not bear the beating and died on the spot. Two other victims are being treated at a hospital in Palwal.

Janaaza of Junaid

Hashim admitted that the discussion was over suspicion of them carrying beef with their shopping products, but railway officials are claiming it to be a dispute over train seats. Health condition of Hashim and Shaqir is still critical.

Victims were thrown out from the train at Asavati railway station. Victims have alleged that GRP personnel and Ballabhgarh station refused to offer them help when they shouted for it. The case has been registered against unknown people. After Alvida’s Namaz, Junaid was burried following postmortem at the hospital in Palwal.