BJP’s victory in UP means only 25 Muslim candidates emerge victorious

By Staff Reporter

A landslide victory for the BJP in UP elections has come at a huge cost for Muslims representation in the state assembly, with only 25 Muslim candidates emerging as winners.

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In 2012 elections, 68 Muslims had been nominated for the assembly, the highest ever in a state where one-fifth of the population is Muslim. In 2007, this number stood at 56.

While BSP fielded 99 Muslim candidates, the Samajwadi Party fielded 56 Muslim candidates in the election. The BJP did not have a single Muslim candidate in the elections.

Among the winners, 17 are from Samajwadi Party and 6 from BSP and 2 from Congress.

Prominent Muslim winners include Azam Khan of SP from Rampur, who won by a margin of 46842 votes while his son, Abdullah Azam Khan also won from the nearby Suar constituency. Mukhtar Ansari from BSP also won from Mau constituency.

Here is the list of Muslim candidates, their parties and the margin of victory: 

Constituency Const. No. Leading Candidate Leading Party Margin
Amroha 41 MEHBOOB ALI Samajwadi Party 15042
Bhinga 289 MOHAMMAD ASLAM Bahujan Samaj Party 6090
Bilari 30 MOHD. FAEEM Samajwadi Party 13441
Chamraua 35 NASEER AHMAD KHAN Samajwadi Party 34376
Dholana 58 ASLAM CHOUDHARY Bahujan Samaj Party 3576
Gopalpur 344 NAFEES AHMAD Samajwadi Party 14960
Isauli 187 ABRAR AHMAD Samajwadi Party 4241
Kairana 8 NAHID HASAN Samajwadi Party 21162
Kanpur Cantt. 216 SOHIL AKHTAR ANSARI Indian National Congress 9364
Kundarki 29 MOHAMMAD RIZWAN Samajwadi Party 10821
Lalganj 351 AZAD ARI MARDAN Bahujan Samaj Party 2227
Matera 284 YASAR SHAH Samajwadi Party 1595
Mau 356 MUKHTAR ANSHARI Bahujan Samaj Party 8698
Meerut 48 RAFIQ ANSARI Samajwadi Party 28769
Moradabad Rural 27 HAJI IKRAM QURESHI Samajwadi Party 28781
Mubarakpur 346 SHAH ALAM URF GUDDU JAMALI Bahujan Samaj Party 688
Najibabad 17 TASLEEM AHMAD Samajwadi Party 2002
Nizamabad 348 ALAMBADI Samajwadi Party 18529
Pratappur 257 MOHD MUJTABA SIDDQUI Bahujan Samaj Party 2654
Rampur 37 MOHAMMAD AZAM KHAN Samajwadi Party 46842
Saharanpur 4 MASOOD AKHTAR Indian National Congress 12324
Sambhal 33 IQBAL MEHMOOD Samajwadi Party 18822
Sishamau 213 HAZI IRFAN SOLANKI Samajwadi Party 5826
Suar 34 MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH AZAM KHAN Samajwadi Party 53096
Thakurdwara 26 NAVAB JAN Samajwadi Party 13409