President presents KCK International Awards in print journalism

New Delhi, (IANS): President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday presented KCK International Awards for excellence in print journalism here and hoped it would “inspire others to follow” the path of the awardees.

At the event, organised by Rajasthan Patrika, the President said he was glad to have the opportunity of conferring the awards.

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“I wish the awardees to gain success in their future endeavours. I hope this would inspire others to follow their path,” the President said.

The President said journalism has a long history in our country right from its association with our struggle for independence and social reforms.

He said that journalists and journalism played an exemplary role in the social renaissance movement as well as the freedom struggle of the country.

“The history of Indian journalism has been that of progressive reform, social renaissance and anti-colonialism. Beginning with the Samvad Kaumudi brought out by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1819 to Samachar Chandrika and Mirat-Ul-Akhbar, the Harijan and Young India edited by Mahatma Gandhi and later, through various other publications, the contribution of print journalism to an evolving Indian society and nationhood was immense,” the President added.

He said that print journalism has its “own impact” because journalists through their columns, stories or comments find a permanent place in the minds of readers.

He later stated that media has expanded with increasing use of technology and the influence of social media has also increased over the years.