Demonetisation: Bankers and ​activists protest in the Press Club of India

By Staff Reporter

On the occasion of the first anniversary of demonetisation, journalists and activists assembled at Press Club of India to protest against the decision.

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The event was jointly organised by under the banner of People’s Campaign Against Demonetisation, and had Thomas Franco, Arbind Singh, Ambarish Rai, Gauhar Raza, Abhishek Srivastava, Pankaj Srivastava, Prof Arun Kumar, Sunita Rani and Sanjay Krishna as speaker of the event.

Thomas Franco, the general secretary at All India Bank Officer’s Confederation, said, “In English newspapers alone, 119 cases of huge caches of new currency being seized were reported at the time when banks could only issue Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000…. Till date, no case has been solved.”

“More than 10 bank employees died while working to exchange notes. Not one of their relatives was given a job on compassionate grounds,” claimed Franco.

Demonetisation resulted in chaos among the general public and the public was forced to stand outside banks for hours to get the hands on their own money, said the statement issued after the event.

The statement released on the occasion claimed, “BJP, RSS and their affiliate organisations succeeded in managing their cash much before the demonetisation, and this act has been registered as one of the biggest scams in the Indian history.”

The statement also mentioned the RBI’s submission in the SC that most of the currency came back to the banks, leaving infinitesimal chances of return of black money in the banks.

Journalist Abhishek Srivastava tried to link infant deaths in various states and the scheme of demonetisation. He said, “Women were malnourished and most the infants are dying because of asphyxiation which happens if the mother is malnourished. The lower class was unable to feed itself during and after the demonetisation period.”

A 114-page-long report on the effects of demonetisation was also issued, which was dedicated to the people who died in different events related with demonetisation.