People of different faiths join peace rally to honour St Teresa

By TCN News:


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A peace rally was organized on 5th September 2018 at Kolkata to honour the Mother Teresa’s 21st death anniversary, by the Indian Karate Association.

The rally was attended not only by leaders from different religious faiths but also by the common citizens of Kolkata.  The peace rally began from Avila Church, Moula Ali to Mother House where an open prayer meeting was conducted.

Prayers were made for the victims of Kerala flood who died, for the survivors and their families. And also for the victims of the Majerhat bridge collapse on 4th September, a day before the peace rally.

The religious leaders urged the people to remember the message of Mother Teresa known as “Saint of the gutters” during her lifetime and later honoured as saint by the Roman Catholic Church which was compassion and love. They also stressed the Importance of peace and harmony in the nation.

Idris Ali, Member of Parliament and chairperson, All India minority forum praying for the departed souls in the Kerala flood and Majerhat bridge collapse said Mother Teresa was a symbol of peace and love. He also added that he would recommend for the metro station in Kolkata to be named after St Teresa.

The director, M A Ali, who organized the peace rally said “the purpose of this universal peace rally is to spread the message of peace and I urge leaders of all nations to put serious efforts to stop violence and make the world weapon free and promote peaceful coexistence. War is not the solution. Wars have resulted only in making refugees out of people and spreading hate. Peace is the language we need to speak”.

Dignitaries attending the peace rally were Mala Roy, Chairperson, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Idris Ali, Member of parliament, Madam MItra, Former Sports Minister, Ayesha Noor, World Karate Champion, Rev Father Joy Cyprian D Souza, Golam Rabbani, National president of All India Ulema Board, Shehyar Ali Mirza , Gen secretary, All faith forum, Moulana Mehere Abbas Rizvi, Dr ARun Jyoti Bhikku, Chief Buddhist Priest,  Munj Kumar Maharaj, Dr. Suresh Agarwal, D Daniel, Tavqueeruddin Mohamed, Ehtheshamul Haque, Sk Raja.

The rally was conducted with cooperation of the Kolkata Police, Missionary of Charity, St Teresa of Avila Church,  All faith forum, All India MInortiy forum, Mother Teresa Memorial peace committee, Qari Ahmer Foundation, Moor Avenue Buddha samity and Mixed Martial Art Council.