After Maneka Gandhi, Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MLA Ramesh Katara threatens voters in Gujrat

from twitter account of Ramesh Kataria

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After subtle and not so subtle threats to the voter, the latest one in news is the one by  BJP MLA Ramesh Katara of Fatepura constituency, Gujrat. The MLA has  told the public that Prime Minster Narendra Modi has installed cameras in polling booths to find out who is voting for whom. So it is prudent to vote for BJP, he is said to have said.

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A video clip of his speech which was telecast on TV9 Gujrati is  being circulated in which he has told the voters that Modi Saheb has installed cameras in the polling booths and will come to know if they have voted for BJP or Congress.  He has also told that if the votes are less in their booth for BJP then they will get less work.

The video also has Katara warning the people of the village which goes thus: “If votes to the BJP will be less in your booth, you will be given less work. Modi saheb, while sitting there, would be able find out that you did not vote for BJP. Your photos are there on election card, Aadhaar card and even on ration card,”.

The MLA was in a rally to support Jasvant Sinh Bhabhor who is contesting from Dahod.

The collector of Dahod and the District Election officer have issued a show-cause notice to Ramesh Katara.

Leaders from BJP have been, in their election speeches, undeterredly threatening the electors. Union Minister Maneka Gandhi had also threatened Muslim voters in her speech in Sultanpur where she openly said that ‘ If Muslims come to me for work, then I will have to think’. However the Election Commission has taken cognisance of her speech and had barred her from campaigning for 48 hours.

Sakshi Maharaj, another BJP MP from Unnao, had threatened to curse the people if they do not vote for him.

UP Chief Minister had also made a controversial statement regarding Muslims for which he was barred for campaigning for 72 hours