Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind demands enactment of a stringent law against mob lynching

Aasmohammad kaif ,Twocircles.net 

In the face of growing incidents of mob lynching across the country, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) a representative organization of the Indian Muslim organized Aman & Ekta Sammelan at Talkatora Stadium at New Delhi on 5th August.

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The Sammelan was attended by leaders of different faiths. All the leaders and participants unanimously vowed to fight against the menace of mob-lynching.


To remain a silent spectator in the face of atrocity itself is atrocious. Therefore, to raise voice against mob lynching in any part of the country, to protest and awaken the government and the administration and to hold them accountable is our common religious, national and social duty. We should be ready to offer any sacrifice that may be needed to fulfill this duty.

The people carrying on protest and struggle against the atrocities must remember that they must not cross the limits of tolerance and justice and they must act in unison for the public welfare and establishment of peace and justice and not for revenge. This is the demand of not only our religion but our Constitution too. Defense of our family and neighbors is not only our legal rights but our religious and national duty as well. We should stand together in solidarity to fulfill our duty and we must not demonstrate cowardice and timidity.

To uphold the peaceful atmosphere in the country, ‘Jamiat Sadbhavna Manch’ shall be constituted in every city and district which comprises peace-loving citizens from every religion and community. The Munch should hold occasional joint meetings and programs so that they could help restore mutual trust amongst the communities.

This Sammelan reiterates that Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and is a boon for the whole of humanity. Varied misconceptions and falsehoods tainting Islam with terrorism, radicalism and gender injustice are being spread by forces inimical to the eternal truths of our Islamic faith and heritage. Whereas the stand of Islam about terrorism is very clear. Terrorism in all its forms is condemnable and against the basic tenets of Islam. We resolve therefore that it is our prime duty to dispel such misgivings and present the true face of Islam to the world through acts that promote mutual-understanding and harmonious actions for a happier, healthier and more sustainable future for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

This Sammelan demands from the central and state governments to legislate against mob lynching providing for strict punishment to the perpetrators and police and administrative officials found negligent in fulfilling their duty.

We also call upon all the followers of Islam, and other faiths and social organizations to come together in fellowship for eradicating crimes, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual exploitation, female foeticide, and other harmful and immoral practices.

We call for the upliftment of the downtrodden women, scheduled classes and minority populations by assuring equal opportunities and social justice for all.

In this crucial time in history, when our natural resources are depleting, global warming and threats of violence and natural disasters are increasing, hatred whether verbal or otherwise can no longer be tolerated. We pledge to bridge across all sects, faiths, castes, and creeds and to lend our hands and hearts for a new era dedicated to greener and more harmonious future.

The dream of a strong, prosperous and united India can be made a reality through the unity of all sects and faiths, working side-by-side for a clean, green and prosperous future for everybody, everywhere. Therefore, we pledge to come together and stay together for a unified campaign to restore our polluted and shrinking water bodies, as well as our forests, cities and villages through the plantation of trees, the advancement of water-saving farming and, the promotion of healthy water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and other integrated actions for the health and well-being of all.