Hundreds join in silent protest against NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill, NRC in Hyderabad

By Nikhat Fatima,

Hundreds of citizens from various civil rights groups and organisations working for urban poor, domestic workers, religious minorities, women, homeless, farmers, transgender persons along with Dalits and Adivasis all came together today at Maqdoom statue, Tank Bund to protest against the NRC and demand its withdrawal.

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The people from different social backgrounds and religions all raised common placards and banners asking for the withdrawal of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 and the plan of the centre for nationwide implementation of National Registry of Citizens (NRC).

The CAB, which is being introduced in the parliament session goes against the basic tenets of the constitution of India such as secularism and right to equality. The CAB is clearly an exercise to discriminate the Muslims of this country. The NRC has created havoc in Assam for the past six years. Now, the Home Minister has declared that NRC will be implemented in the entire country. This will trample on the rights and the lives of the poor and marginalized like the Dalits, Adivasis, homeless, old people, women, minorities and other disadvantaged sections of the society.


The protestors also demanded not to divide the nation into religious lines. Their main demands are:

1. The centre should withdraw Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) from the parliament. Religions should never be made a criterion for citizenship.


2. All political parties believing in the Constitution of India should oppose the bill in the parliament.


3. National Registry of Citizens (NRC) should NOT be implemented in the country.


4. The government of Telangana State should oppose NRC and CAB.

One of the protestors, Sharifa Siddiqui, said, “Many of the policies of this Government have been aimed at minorities particularly Muslims. Hyderabad is a place where Muslims can be found in a considerable number but both Hindus and Muslims coexist peacefully here. This bill is a move to divide us and polarize Muslims reducing Muslims to second class citizens.”


Another protestor heading a Muslim women’s organisation, Khalida Parveen said, “We are born here in India, we will live in India and die here. We are citizens of India and why should we prove our citizenship? It is so irresponsible of Amit Shah to say that everyone except Muslims will be given citizenship. Is this not communalism in a secular nation?”

“If you can’t stop infiltrators, why are you imposing this Bill on us? Or else admit openly your inefficiency and announce that you have failed to protect the borders and that you are unable to stop the infiltrators and hence passing this Bill?” she added angrily.