Appointment of SRP Kalluri in Chattisgarh a betrayal of democracy, say activists

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SRP Kalluri has been given two prominent offices that of Inspector General, Anti Corruption Bureau and Economic Offences Wing – of Chhattisgarh state government by the Congress led state government in Chattisgarh recently.

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The appointment of an official whose image is severely tarnished has drawn a lot of flak and protests by citizens concerned about human rights and democratic values of India. SRP Kalluri in his service tenure, has a track record of engaging in human rights violations accompanied with a brazen impunity that has exemplified him as an officer who has scant respect for the ‘Rule of Law.’

  Evidence suggests that Kalluri has not just led many fake encounters, large-scale sexual violence on women, fake surrenders, arson, looting, arbitrary arrests and forced displacement but has also been part of these iniquitous operations.

During his tenure in various places across the years there have been several cases of arson, rapes, looting adivasi villages causing destruction of lives and properties of the adivasi people.

Through his actions, policies and method of working Kalluri has built and reinforced a culture of impunity and unaccountability and silenced groups, organizations and individuals who were pro-democracy and stood for protection of Human rights by vicious labeling, smear campaigns, defamatory tactics and even physical attacks.

The group of intelligentsia have, in their press statement have cited all these incidences wherein Kalluri’s misdeeds are brought forth and have questioned the congress government their reasons for appointing a person who under the garb of a law officer has broken the law on several occasions and created an environment of lawlessness and chaos.

The group of people comprising professionals who have also at one time or the other suffered injustice under the leadership of Kalluri,  have also rightly pointed to the Congress that when the party was in opposition the party leaders had condemned the actions of Mr. Kalluri in strongest terms but today by appointing him to these high offices they have continued the tradition of political patronage where people who have misused their offices for anti-democratic values are promoted and honoured.

There are social workers, human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, social scientists, retired civil servants, ex-bureacrats, educators, members of civil society groups, students and others who have signed the statement and have expressed their dismay over this appointment.

The press statement states their demand that in the interest of justice the government should set up a Special Investigating Team under the leadership of a retired Supreme Court Judge to investigate into the crimes that SRR Kalluri has been accused of, time-and-again, while holding positions of power in north and south Chhattisgarh. There is also the demand that he should be suspended pending the results of the enquiry.