Mob ask a Muslim youth his name and beat him up

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Faisal Khan, 22, from Mumbai, was posted in Baruch, Gujrat, on July 6th as a supervisor in a company manufacturing tyres. On  his way to his workplace on Saturday, on his bike, he was stopped by a mob of 5 men who were already engaged in a quarrel on the road side. As he tried to skirt them and go on his, they stopped him and asked his name and where he worked.

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When Faisal said his name and the company he worked for they first started slapping him and when he tried to reason they started using their fists. He somehow managed to escape and call up a colleague and inform him.

After a while, as he tried to go to his company/ workplace after 3 of the 5 men left, he was stopped by the other 2 men who beat him again.

Faisal somehow managed to flee leaving his bike. As he entered the gate of the company the 2 men who were chasing him also entered the company premises and inside  3 other men joined them and dragged him in an auto rickshaw and took him to a lonely spot and beat him up till they got tired.

The security men at the gate instead of helping Faisal ran away from the spot.

Faisal was later taken to Patel hospital by his colleagues in the night. After the hospital authorities informed the police, he gave his statement to the police who checked the CCTV of the company and saw 5 men beating up Faisal.

Faisal Khan in the hospital. Image: Indian express

The police are on the lookout for the youth who are from the nearby village and they were Gujarati speaking. They have been booked under sections 323, 504, 114 and 506(2) of IPC.

Faisal Khan was discharged from the hospital after 2 days and sent back to his home in Mumbai yesterday.