In latest video, Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj calls out ‘desi racism’ in US

Comedian Hasan Minhaj performs during the comedy show ( Photo: wikicommons)

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In his latest video titled ‘We can not stay silent about George Floyd’, Indian-American standup comedian Hasan Minhaj has called out ‘desi racism’ against immigrants in the US.

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He pointed the bitterness with which immigrant business owners in the US are responding to protests after George Floyd’s murder by a policeman. Particularly the South Asians, he complained, have been keeping a far distance from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement exposing their hypocrisy while they outrage over such protests abroad (referring to Asian’s support for Palestinian Intifada, Hong Kong Protest, CAA/NRC protests in India and so on).

“Why are we shocked that people are asking for revolutionary change when we (immigrants) support revolutionary change overseas?” he asked, noting that the very reason that made immigrants moving to America possible was a successful Civil Rights Movement leading to the formation of  The Immigration Act of 1964.

“We love black people on screens, but if they enter our homes or marry our children, we’d call the police,” he said. Continuing, he highlighted that South Asians are unable to “empathize” with such protests and that racism is in fact deeply rooted into the South Asian culture. Further, he bashed people and celebrities who look down upon ‘dark-skinned people’ and endorsed ‘skin-whitening’ products, hence promoting that ‘it’s bad to be black in desi culture.’

Through the 12 minutes long video, Hasan Minhaj has urged everyone to assist the ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement into whatever capacity they can – by donating to anti-racism organizations, showing professionalism by treating or helping them just like they would help anyone else. He demanded more accountability for such systemic biases, calling out people in political power to contribute their bit in fighting “institutionalized racism in America.”

The video can be seen here: