IUML appeal to President, UP Governor to release Dr Kafeel Khan

Dr. Kafeel Ahmad Khan (Photo - SIddhant Mohan/ TwoCircles.net)

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Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has written to the Governor of UP, Anandiben Patel, to seek intervention for the detention of Dr Kafeel Khan.

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IUML official statement mentions that Dr Khan has been kept under prolonged detention in the Mathura Jail despite his bail by a district court of Aligarh. The letter recounted that he was arrested on January 29 but was granted bail on February 10, but was then forcefully booked under the National Security Act (NSA) three days after his bail, on February 13.

IUML President Kader Mohideen has called Dr Khan’s arrest as “arbitrary”, calling him a “savior who all through the stressful night at Gorakhpur Hospital kept arranging for oxygen at the BRD Hospital.” He reminded in the statement that the Allahabad High Court had ordered his bail as there was “no material on record, which may establish medical negligence against the applicant individually.”

The official letter to UP government has underlined that it is the “most horrid example of arbitrary state pervading all principles of fairness and justice” that despite the bail, Dr Khan has not been released from the Mathura Jail. It brings to light that Mathura Jail had earlier refused release citing the order hadn’t been issued through “proper channels”, to which CJM Aligarh had signed two orders of release and sent copies to Mathura soon. However, Dr Khan was not released even after the official order from Aligarh district court.

Informing the UP Governor that Dr Khan has been in continuous touch with his admirers by writing to them of ways to protect themselves from Coronavirus, IUML chief Mohideen, on behalf of the League, has demanded his immediate release. Dr Khan’s constant communication with his people even in difficult times shows his dedication towards his profession, IUML stated.

IUML highlighted that Khan has also offered his service in his own capacity in the present fight against the pandemic. In this regard, the League has urged UP government to intervene in the situation and expedite the release of Khan, stating that “There would be no time to ensure justice for him, than the present, when realize the great help and service offered by the medical profession to humanity.”