20 lakh crore package fails to address real problems of people: Popular Front

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Popular Front of India in its latest press brief has stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 20 lakh crore stimulus package has failed to address the real issues facing the country on the ground.

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Popular Front Chief OMA Salam said that this stimulus “comes as a relief to only big businesses” as the big business owners “have been provided with unlimited access to the country’s wealth and resources under the disguise of the lockdown package.” In its National Executive Council meeting, Salam concluded that there is an ulterior motive dominating the Central government’s step to the announcement of the package and in reality “the government is implementing another hidden agenda of privatization to benefit BJP’s favourite corporate houses.”

OMA Salam, who has been actively raising his voice against gag on freedom of speech of Muslim activists, opined that the nation’s labour force was thrown to hunger and despair overnight by the sudden lockdown and instead of the government helping them, it was the locals, individuals and organizations that joined hands to intervene. Calling the measures “hollow promises”, Popular Front discussed that a breakup analysis of the package by various economists has revealed that “the government tried to deceive the country by including previous schemes and announcements as a new package,” and in all probability, the package has “little or any direct benefits for the poor to overcome starvation and unemployment.”

The loan schemes for small scale industries and enterprises, as predicted by economic experts are intended not to help them “but to send them to deeper pits of debts,” said Popular Front. It further held that not only the government is betraying its poor by exploitation through loan schemes but also overriding their helplessness in the face of a disaster.

Salam said that the “Prime Minister’s package is not meant for the revival and survival of the people of India but it is a crony-capitalist package aiming to benefit only a selected few.”