“We are spiritually very close to you”: Vatican’s Ramadan message to Muslims

By TCN News,

Rome: Vatican’s office of interreligious dialogue has called Christians and Muslims as spiritually very close to each other. The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue which issued this letter to all Muslims lists important challenges that two of the largest faith-based communities face and ask for cooperation for the common good.

Text of the letter

Dear Muslim friends,

1. The end of the month of Ramadan offers the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue a welcome occasion for sending you our most cordial wishes, hoping that the efforts you have so generously made during this month will bring all the desired spiritual fruits.

2. This year, we have thought to give priority to the theme of the spiritual dimension of the human person. This concerns a reality which Christians and Muslims consider to be of prime importance, faced as we are with the challenges of materialism and secularisation. The relationship that every human person has with the transcendent is not a moment in history, but is part of human nature. We do not believe in fate; we are convinced – moreover it is our experience – that God guides us on our path!

3. Christians and Muslims, beyond their differences, recognise the dignity of the human person endowed with both rights and duties. They think that intelligence and freedom are indeed gifts which must impel believers to recognise these values which are shared because they rest on the same human nature.

4. This is why the transmission of such human and moral values to the younger generations constitutes a common concern. It is our duty to help them discover that there is both good and evil, that conscience is a sanctuary to be respected, and that cultivating the spiritual dimension makes us more responsible, more supportive, more available for the common good.

5. Christians and Muslims are too often witnesses to the violation of the sacred, of the mistrust of which those who call themselves believers are the target. We cannot but denounce all forms of fanaticism and intimidation, the prejudices and the polemics, as well as the discrimination of which, at times, believers are the object both in the social and political life as well as in the mass media.

6. We are spiritually very close to you, dear Friends, asking God to give you renewed spiritual energy and we send you our very best wishes for peace and happiness.

Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran

Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata


PRAISE worthy: But it should

PRAISE worthy: But it should not be a days job, but should be said and practice on a regular basis by their juniors and end results should be seen. Your system, highly educative and advance society should do justice, human and practical approach to their other cousins. Dont let them stand against the wall for so long, it would not be wise. Appreciatable, that people are accepting of descrimination and ill-feelings. Keep in mind that on the Day of Judgement God / Allah / Bhagwaan will first handle the religious leaders and big people... Think
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Will love if more and more

Will love if more and more brotherns join-in and spread their valuable thoughts, it might hit and work somewhere.


Christians and Muslims ban together to hate on the atheists-- it really shows what religion is about.

You say: "The relationship

You say: "The relationship that every human person has with the transcendent is not a moment in history, but is part of human nature." This is either false either in your opinion I am not a human person, nor are my parents, grand parents, grand-grand parents because we never believed in any god and for us transcendency was and is just a stupid bad joke.

Things are only considered

Things are only considered sacred by the religious because they say so. Frankly, this letter can be interepeted for the reinstatement of blasephmy type laws. Religion has no more right of protection against critiicism than a non-religious or secular belief. What are they afraid of, anyway? Why do so many on the religious right fear atheists/humanists such as I? We have very little power. We have nothing approaching our own nation state, as does the Catholic church with the Vatican? They fear Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris?