Muslim industrialist builds Mandir, Muslim politician inaugurates it

By Pervez Bari,,

Bhopal: In the backdrop of prevailing era of charged communal tension, courtesy saffron brigade's Hindutva cacophony, a new chapter in communal harmony in India was added when a Muslim industrialist funded a Hindu Mandir (temple) project to completion spending 10-15 million rupees in the process.

Mumbai-based Mr. Ashiqali Mohibali Nathani, the Muslim industrialist by his feat of undertaking the revamping and constructing the Ganeshdham Mandir all anew at Ranthambore near Sawai Madhopur in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, which was in shambles, has put to shame and given a slap in the face of the Hindutva forces who have divided Muslims and Hindus on communal lines, following the rancor of Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi episode. The episode has been blown out of proportion by the vested interests not for any religious purpose but for political gains to catapult to power as the chain of events of the last two decades are testimony to this wherein human relationships between the two communities of the country were bulldozed and tarred to achieve the ulterior motives in the name of pious deed.

Chief Guest Mr. Aziz Qureshi cutting the traditional red-ribbon to inaugurate the Ganeshdham Mandir as Baba Prabhudasji Maharaj, the chief priest sporting white flowing beard, looks on with others

The Ganeshdham Mandir, spread over 8000 sq. ft., was dedicated to the public on January 27 after its formal inauguration by a Muslim politician Mr. Aziz Qureshi from Bhopal, the capital of central India state of Madhya Pradesh. Veteran Congress leader Mr. Qureshi, a former member of Lok Sabha and ex-minister of Madhya Pradesh, cut the traditional red-ribbon and unveiled the plaque to throw the doors open of the Mandir to the elite and common man alike. Justice Fakhruddin, a retired Madhya Pradesh High Court judge, presided over the inaugural function.

Those present on the occasion amongst others included Mr. Zaheer Qureshi, the Managing Director of S. S. Crop Care Limited, Bhopal; Adv. Deepchand Yadav, a senior Congress leader and former Mayor of Bhopal; Mr. Haider Yaar Khan, another senior Congress leader from Bhopal; Ms Clemmie Parker Engle, a Sr. Assistant Attorney General from Colorado (USA) along with Maria, Christie, Mark, Philip, Elizabeth, Michael, Jennifer, Suzanne (also from USA) and a host of other foreign tourists from America and United Kingdom together with the local populace.

The construction and formal dedication of the Mandir at the hands of Muslims in the presence of international tourists and Indians from various religious communities left one and all bewildered at the new happy tidings. It may be stated here that all is not lost yet and in an environment of communal frenzy prevailing all over the country such happy tides of communal harmony and coziness do come giving solace to the common man that humanity is not dead but still exists.
Another such example is the story coming about a Qatar-based NRI Hindu building a mosque in the southern Indian state of Kerala which is in the finishing stages.

As such the general perception that India has become a hotbed of religious rancor and communal strife lay in tatters before the very eyes of the international community who wondered in disbelief at the new aura of live and let live in complete communal harmony.

Mr. Aziz Qureshi, who was chief guest at the inaugural function, lamented the prevailing vitiated atmosphere which has ripped the society apart. Lauding the efforts of Mumbai-based industrialist Mr. Ashiqali of funding the construction of Ganeshdham Mandir and Baba Prabhudasji Maharaj, the chief priest, giving green signal to the project, said it would be written in golden words in the annals of Indian history. The duo have dealt a death blow to the Hindutva zealots who have fragmented Hindu-Muslim unity by their destructive policies.

Chief Guest Mr. Aziz Qureshi, a former member of Lok Sabha and ex-minister of Madhya Pradesh, unveiling the plaque of the newly constructed Ganeshdham Mandir

Meanwhile, the chief "Mahant" (priest) of the temple, revered Baba Prabhudasji Maharaj, who is in his late nineties, is now a proud man that in his life time the Mandir, which was in ruins where he did penance for nearly three decades, is not only totally refurbished but the "ashram" (residential quarters) where he and his disciples take refuge for rest has also been renovated. A guest house has also been built for devotees coming from outside.

Baba Prabhudasji Maharaj said though thousands of devotees have visited the Ganeshdham Mandir regularly over the decades but none came forward to lend a helping hand to improve the conditions of the deteriorating dilapidated Mandir building. However, a Mumbai-based Muslim industrialist Ashiqali Nathani once visited the place in March last year, on the advice of one of directors of his company, and offered to recast and overhaul the whole structure with housing facilities for the priests and guest devotees.

"The Muslim industrialist Ashiqali Nathani has kept his word depicting his Islamic character", a beaming Baba Prabhudasji Maharaj remarked. He also intends to build a school and a dispensary in the Mandir complex. "I salute to him for his gestures which would go a long way in creating a congenial atmosphere for a healthy society", the Mahant said.

Meanwhile, the 61-year-old Karachi-born Mr. Ashiqali Mohibali Nathani, founder of Tiana group of companies which has stakes in power, shipping, infrastructure, leasing and finance, proclaimed: "Seeing the ever growing gap in the relationships between the Hindus and Muslims, who have co-existed peacefully for centuries in India, in the present era my earnest desire is to stem the rot and bridge the gulf between the two communities". "And the Ganeshdham Mandir project which I undertook was the best opportunity to send the message throughout India to the radicals about the pleasures of peaceful co-existence for the betterment of humanity at large and our beloved country India", Mr. Ashiqali Nathani philosophically told this Correspondent.

Mr. Zaheer Qureshi said though Muslims are forbidden to indulge in idol worship but thinks that there is nothing wrong in funding a Mandir project. "It is a good gesture to promote communal harmony", he quipped. ([email protected])



Rectify your step Mr.Nathani for true Indian Unity.

The step by Mr.Nathani for co- existence with Financial help [Jazia to Brahmin Temples]clearly shows how communal the Brahmini Ideology is? Has Mr.Nathani like Vastanvi accepted second class citizenship.All the Congressmen are in the forefront even wearing the colour of their hidden Ideology.If Nathani truely wishes to improve Hindu-Muslim relationship why aid to beliefs of only 2%of the Hindu population.The two percent Brahmins are hated by 98 percent Dalits and Backwards.After this step of Nathani has not promoted Hindu muslim Unity but endangered "muslims" more by allining with the enemies of Dalits and Backwards. Rectify your step Mr.Nathani by donating an equal amount for a Valmiki,Periyar or Ambedkar Mandir,this can then be truely the beginning to reach the Golden Age of Indian Unity of Mughal Era.

Only stunt

This is just a publicity stunt by spending money to construct a brick/cement building and getting it opened by cutting a Ribbon...stop eating the dirty biryani LOL....When a new Temple is contructed the PUJA is conducted for nearly 5 days by high priests and only then public/Bhakts are allowed to worship...and u will all see when the Grand Ram temple is constructed in Ayodhya and it's grand opening ceremony....

To be Successful, Appease and Fear Allah Alone

Hi All. People like Nathani & Vastanvi live in Fool's Paradise. They Fear the opressors more than Allah. Instead of appeasing the people one must try to Obey Allah and seek His Satisfaction. If the purpose is to Genuinely serve Humanity, they should STOP the wrongdoings of the Oppressors with all their Might. "...Join not in worship others with Allâh(ie. obeying the commands, prostrating etc.) Verily! Joining others in worship with Allâh is a great Zûlm (wrong) indeed."(31:13)

Is this allowed in Islam?

what stupid thing this it a communal harmony doesn't,It is a shirk(kufr)it is shame for Muslims of bhopal.Muslims should arrange blood camps,charities,participate in Human rights activities and strive for all people this only make communal harmony like tamilnadu,This is a political stunt and HARAM in islam.Quran says "LAKUM DEENUKUM VALIYA DEEN"(your way is yours our's is ours)

Mr. Nathani, There are other means and ways to promote harmony

The action of Mr. Nathani appears to be more political and commercial than social. I do not think that by his act he still remains to be called as Muslim? Allah knows the best.However If he is doing for gaining supports of Hindus and protecting his business, then he should remember that in Gujarat-2002, the Muslims with Hindu names of shops were also killed and their shops burnt.
"These people belong to a cult who milk the snakes and make human sacrifice to please their Gods."
At the end Nathi will turn out to be a "DHOBI KA KUTTA, GHAR KA NA GHAT KA"

Confusing Characters

Dear Anon,
Almost all the responses to this article are confusing and shows the exact character of the respective respondents. When one said Aurangi is the most fanatic and communal person of Mughals on this very portal, so called secular and islamist champions pained themselves a lot to defend Aurangi with explanations that he had donated land to many temples and helped to construct temples etc. etc. (of course not talking about Guru Tegbahadur's murder by the same person). Now when one industrialist Muslim brother constructs one temple and another Muslim inagurates it people like you start wondering whether it is an islamic act or not? Why to wonder about idol worship when lakhs of (namesake) muslims still worship the graves which is an anti Islamic act. You should have heart to accept an act as a good act even if it has a minute chance of developing a sence of belongingness between the two major religions of our country. These kinds of acts will surely promote interfaith harmony in our society and don't worry Mr Nathani is not going to be judged on this single act on the judgement day because Allah knows the best and nothing can be hidden from the almighty.

Mr Nathani's Good Deed

Mr. Ashiqali Mohibali Nathani deserves to be congratulated for his thoughtful deed. The other day we read of Sikhs in Haryana rebuilding some of the demolished mosques. This is the spirit that we need to cultivate in our subcontinent.

Allama Iqbal

"Ho neko naam qabronki tijarath karkey
Kiya na beychogey gar miljaaye sanam paththar ke"
Allama Iqbal .

Prophet(saas)demolished all

Prophet(saas)demolished all the IDOLS worshipped by Arabs.
An idol worship supporter cannot be called a obedient (muslim)soul.
Nathani should take some time out of his busy schedule of running industries to learn Islam.
Allah(swt)does not love a disobedient person.

Nathani is not muslim, he is khoja

Dear all,
Nathani is khoja, like ahmadiya sect, who even worship the idols for vested interest.I feel pity for those muslims(who are very eager to come in the picture as shown) who encourage polytheism (SHIRK) , and construct a nice home in Jahanam (Hell)in the name of national harmony....Shame on these Rascals.

I Condemned Nathani.

Named, Nathani look to be Shia Khoja.
I have seen them worshiping the picture of Agha Khan by garlanding it in their so called Masjids.
The person calling himself Muslim and encouraging, aiding and abetting idol worship is not among us.
As we Muslim knows it better, Prophet Ibrahim and Muhammad SAW had broken all the idols situated in holy Kaaba.
Islam prohibited idol worship.
I condemned strongly the so called Nathani claiming to be a Muslim.

your language on Hindutva is deplorable

One in a billion helped build a temple, while the rest destroyed temples and killed others. who is this offender Pervez Bari to talk bad about the billions of Hindu victims? This temple building act is commendable. May he be born in a good family next life and make progress towards his realization

Is the money from Middle East...

Just a few months back twocircles reported that muslims were beaten black and blue by Hindus in cong ruled Rajasthan but when they complained it fell on deaf ears of the CM as the real trouble was started from/by Muslims and it was and will be a lesson to all in southern India there are huge mosques being built by muslims and all those who build it are Hindus not a single muslim....!!!!! Money is secondary issue...

Publicity stunt

This is just a publicity stunt by spending money to construct a brick/cement building and getting it opened by cutting a Ribbon...stop eating the dirty biryani LOL....When a new Temple is contructed the PUJA is conducted for nearly 5 days by high priests and only then public/Bhakts are allowed to worship...and u will all see when the Grand Ram temple is constructed in Ayodhya and it's grand opening ceremony....

Dear All, Nathani is fraud

Dear All,

Nathani is fraud person. He is ISI agent while doing such activity he want to take the money from the market. He is having no ID proff and all bank A/C are farzze .He is ISI MUSLIM AGENT. His real surname is Tulani.

Ashiqali Mohibali Nathani is Fraud

As the comments says we also had bad impression about this person who makes people believe that he has got thousands of crore in his accounts and he does many contracts signed with world most famous companies and then he cheats them all and he make use of their cash and he never keeps his word and cheated so many people around the world, please beware of him if you search about his name the data you get is positive news but all is done with his cheated money. Please don't believe this person any more.

Ashiq ali nathani tiana group is a cheater

Ashiq ali nathani of Tiana group mumbai is a big fraud he is having only paper companies only in papers and he is making people pay him lakhs of rupees by pretending like he is having thousands of dollars in his US accounts and he has cheated thousands of people and they are helpless now if he come to you don't believe him please be vigilant you may be the next one going to be cheated. He has some fake ids and fake companies list with him and he has so many false investment documents with him, his cheating list is growing day by day in hotel industry, power sector companies and land dealings and company acquisition and big contracts between people and companies across Indian states like south Indian states Karnataka Mumbai and abroad Chicago Korea the list going on like this. Be alert for this person.

the people who cannot

the people who cannot understand the reality of nathani can give such comments against him but the peoples who are aware of nathani are giving him respect throughout the world

the comments made in colloums are unhuman and are jealous.

the columbs wrriten by some unhuman peoples who actually does'nt anything about ashiq ali nathani therefore the entire lies are written by them isi officers is not going to build mandir so this proves that how much knowledge they do have about ashiq ali nathani who always had helped the entire needy peoples all over the world

I like what nathani is doing

i have gone through this site and can express my view that who ever ashiq ali nathani is i like this gentlemen who gifted this mandir at ramthampur is really a human being whatever his religion is i am not opposing that but i will say he is really a man of god,the people who have written stupid things against ashiq ali nathani are the seaners of the land and are not peaceful human beings i say nathani is not afraud person but who are calling him fraud in my eyes they are the one who are frauds.if nathani is fraud person then why he will spend his money to built a mandir fraud person will not do so only a god faring person will act as nathani did so,i will say whoever call and right comments on this site that nathani is fraud he himself is abig fraud, i will suggest stop writting such things against a religious person who built mandir and did'nt care for his own life.

i have not came across a person like ashiq ali nathani

ashiq ali nathani created a very good example in our greater country india and built a mandir for the hindu religion and made great example for the terrorist and other unbelievible person who have no faith in religion ,ashiq ali nathani is based in united states of america and have created example of his humanity towards the entire world,nathani had also made an example that the innogration of the mandir was also taken place by muslim ministers as well as the muslim high court judge mr.fukhruddin ,he also arranged foreigners in the innogration which took place in rathampur on dated 27 of january 2011,i personally visited the place and meet with shree parbudas maharajfor whom ashiq ali nathani made a beautiful house with marble flooring and imported furniture worts of lacks of rupees presented by him to shree shree parbudas maharaj,maharaj is so happy what nathani did for him,i also found that mr.ashiq ali nathani presented the school childrens with school bags,books and blankets such type of religious person cannot be a fraud in any life what so ever after readibg ths comments on twocircles i visited united state of america and visited his place at chicago in chicago on my visit i have meet with several peoples and ask them about nathani the place which i have visited was devon the people of chicago love this person like anything non of the person has any bad experience of nathani,ashiq ali nathani is known as a godfather of devon in chicago,i have also gone through his sight where i have seen hundred of thousands emails sent by white house president barrack obama,president george w bush president bill clinton and several other senetors,and present vice president joe bin this proves that what kind of person ashiq ali nathani is after going through lot of hurdles i have got his mobile number and spoke to him i have found ashiq ali nathani a very polite person and a very religious men,i can say whoever have did made foolish comments on this site against ashiq ali mohibali nathani is not fare but he has shown what kind of unmitigated and skillful lier he is i pray for nathani to do such good work for the new generation of our greater india and may god give him abest future in his life.

ashiq ali nathani that he is fraud and ISI agent is rubbish

thoughts of peoples about ashiq ali mohibali nathani that he is working for any agency or he is a fraud is rubbish then nothing .it is very clear that he a really a milloniare of chicago illinoise i have seen some comments on this site which really hurts me that a person like nathani well known to high level goverment decisions makers is called by some comments maker on this site as a fraud and ISI agent this is a painfull words written by some ill and unsenseble peoples who may have not come acroos ashiq ali nathani as far as iam concerned i can only say he is the person who helped lot of innocent women,childrens in this country india which actually we the peoples of india have not done i will only say that none of the indians have treated poor indians like ashiq ali nathani nathani inthe year of 2010 helped innocent people of bhopal and gifted computers worth more than 15 lacks to have their education like wise nathani have also done a brilant in rajasthan and built a mandir to bring muslims and hindus together this is only done by a muslim fellow known as ashiq ali nathani he is the person who gave money to the needy peoples for their marrigies for to purchase grocery for their houses he is the men who pays rents for the poor peoples of their houses he is the person who pays education fees for the poor peoples i don't believe that some people have given comments on this site for him as a fraud i will say that the peoples who have made such comments themselves are cheaters and frauds .

a judge and mp innograted mandir with ashiq nathani

it is really upset to read such a foolish comments on this site about a fraud commented by nathani whereas he is a gentlemen and a godfair person he did lot of work for the poor peoples in india he also did a lot of work for poor childrens and gave them money to have their education if a person is fraud then how comes MP and the judge innograted the mandir built by ashiq ali nathani in rajasthan .he is a man who brought hindu and muslim together i say he is a great quality person on this universal .

the people who have commented against nathani are fraud

The people who are commenting against nathani are fraud. i have gone through ashiq ali nathani i know that he is a very good man.he always helps poor people. the people who have commented against ashiq ali nathani ARE jealous about him.ashiq ali nathani is not a isi agent or afraud person.