‘Conspiracy’ to kill Advani: Probe sought in arrests of Muslim youths

By Special Correspondent, TwoCircles.net,

Chennai: MMK leader Prof. Jawahirullah sought impartial probe in the case of Muslim youths being taken in to custody in connection with the ‘conspiracy to kill BJP leader LK Advani’ during his Yathra in Tamil Nadu.

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Some of the local villagers found the bomb, which was planted in a culvert at Alampatti near Madurai, which was on the route of Advani’s Yatra and very soon there were media reports that the Police arrested one among the culprits named Nehru. But very soon the picture changed with Special Investigation Team arresting two habitual offenders namely Abdullah and Ismath; both involved in theft and robbery cases.

Both, Abdullah and Ismath, are believed to have no ideological commitments or involvement in any communal acts. Following the arrest of these two Muslim youths the Police arrested a whole lot of innocent Muslims who were believed to have previously involved in communal cases.

Talking to TwoCircles.net, over phone from Chennai, Jawahirullah alleged that, “the Police are in an attempt to close the case rather early by wildly accusing and arresting the Muslims without a proper study of the case.”

Highlighting the instance of Thenkashi blast where in Muslim youths were accused for the bomb blast in Thenkashi [Thirunelveli DT]. Later when well directed impartial probes were carried out the right wing Hindu outfits were found to be the real culprits.

The MMK leader also alleged a conspiracy in planting the bomb, “some invisible hands might be involved in evoking public attention towards the Yathra given the fact that Advani’s Rath yathra turned out to be a big failure even in Madurai with minimal participation and involvement of Hindu groups.”