The future of Narendra Modi

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Time magazine’s cover page story on praising the development during Narendra Modi’s regime in Gujarat has become an occasion for his supporters in the state to celebrate. The translation of the article published in `Manogat’, the Gujarati language fortnightly mouthpiece of the state BJP, is being circulated in BJP circles. All BJP leaders and primary members have been asked to buy the copies of the magazine and distribute it all over the state. BJP sources say that 90,000 copies of `Manogat’ have been printed for distribution among BJP workers.

However, what BJP and its sympathizers seem to have missed in the article is that it raises doubts about Modi becoming the prime minister. Since 2003, Modi has been nurturing the ambition to become the prime minister. He has got himself projected as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate through industrialists like Ratan Tata and Anil Ambani close to him. But Time’s article on Modi clearly says it is doubtful if Modi would become the prime minister or play a role at the national level in India politics.

Narendra Modi [Photo by Mudassir Rizwan,]

Time’s editor-at-large Fareed Zakaria during his talk at the `Express Adda’ in New Delhi two weeks ago clearly ruled out Modi playing any role at the national level. He also went to the extent of saying that Modi might also cease to become a regional leader after 2012 assembly elections in Gujarat. However, Zakaria did not elaborate why Modi would not become prime minister or lose his leadership even in Gujarat.

There are two basic reasons why Modi would not be able to play a role at the national level in BJP. First, there is strong opposition to him from his own party colleagues in the BJP at national level. BJP president Nitin Gadkari and senior leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh are reported to be among strong detractors of Modi.

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Chattisgarh CM Raman Singh are also said to be in anti-Modi camp. These two CMs were conspicuous by their absence from Modi’s `sadbhavna’ fasts in September-October 2011 when a battery of BJP leaders from all over the country came to see Modi. It was again opposition of BJP from within the BJP that prevented him for campaigning for the party candidates in the recent assembly elections in UP and Punjab. Modi’s declining influence in national BJP could also be imagined from the fact that Sanjay Joshi, a Modi detractor, was appointed BJP’s UP election in-charge despite Modi’s strong opposition. LK Advani, Modi’s political mentor, is also reportedly not happy with Modi ever since the latter did not allow Advani to launch his `Jan Chetna Yatra’ in September 2011 from Gujarat. Since then, Advani attended several programmes in Gujarat, with Modi remaining absent. With such a position within BJP, it is really extremely doubtful if Modi would rise to the top position in the national BJP and become prime minister even if BJP wins the sufficient number of Lok Sabha seats to come to power on its own in 2014 Lok Sabha elections which is not a possibility at all under the present political circumstances in the country.

The second reason against Modi’s ascendancy in national politics is his unpopularity among NDA’s allies. It is well-known that Modi was not allowed to campaign for party candidates in Bihar assembly elections under pressure from JD(U) leader and now Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish as a political ally of BJP in the state and NDA at the national level feared loss of Muslim votes if Modi was allowed to deliver speeches in Bihar. As JD(U) and Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh are dependent on Muslim votes, they would do everything to prevent Modi to become the prime minister or even BJP national president because it would be difficult for them to deal with Modi presiding over the affairs of the BJP.

Similarly, no other regional party like Bahujan Samaj Party or even Mamata Banerjee could ever think of joining hands with NDA led by Modi because of all these parties are dependent heavily for their survival on Muslim votes. Even Jayalalitha would also like to distance herself from Modi for similar reasons. Keeping these things in view, Modi seems to have become reduced to almost political pariah and hence, his further political progress is almost ruled out.

Even back at home, clock has started turning against Modi. BJP lost the Mansa assembly by-election in Gandhinagar district by a huge margin a few weeks ago. Congress wrested the seat for the first time since 1995, indicating peoples’ loss of faith in Modi’s leadership.

This also suggests that Modi’s image of being Hindutva’s poster-boy has also started fading and his appeal is no longer effective on the voters. Former chief minister and Modi detractor Keshubhai Patel has also upped the campaign against Modi saying Modi government was anti-Patel. Patels form the backbone of the BJP support base in the state. RSS and VHP in the state are also strongly against Modi and waiting for his downfall as Modi during his 10 years of rule suppressed the dominance of the two saffron outfits who in the past dictated terms to BJP. VHP international secretary Pravin Togadia and Modi don’t see eye to eye with each other. It is a different thing that Modi government is also allegedly protecting those VHP and RSS men accused of their involvement in 2002 communal riots.

In such a situation at national level and in the state, Modi is all set to become a political pariah after 2012 assembly elections, falling from being tallest saffron leader to an insignificant BJP leader.


Modi PM chant is to ensure his CM chair- becoz without winnin

Modi PM chant is to ensure his CM chair- becoz without winning CM election he is no where. HIs calculated and well thought out plan of getting it projected as future PM is just to help in getting few extra votes. In real he is in very shaking ground in Gujarat.

By projecting hisself as pro indudtry, he is trying to send rich a strong signal but at the cost of poor. WHen he is dolling out favours to industry, he is doing at the cost of state exchequer and this is leading to less budget for common man. There favors in form of cheap land, tax rebate only helping big industries not the people of Gujarat or India at all.

Mr MODI will be PM

Mr MODI will be the PM of India if Mr MODI is made the leader of BJP. BJP under Mr MODI will STOP all "minority appeasement" of BJP and talk HINDUTVA. BJP will never ever get the vote of Indian MUSLIMS as MUSLIMS will vote for the regional parties during state elections and Congress during Parliament election and so BJP will adopt strong PRO-HINDU agenda. HAJJ subsidy will be stopped, no reservations for MUSLIMS from OBC HINDU QUOTA, construct MANDIR at AYODYA, take away the GOVT CONTROL on all RICH HINDU temples like Tirupati, hang the TERRORIST in jail, convert the present boundary in Kashmir into International Boundary allowing all Kashmiri Muslims who does not want to live in India to migrate to Pak occupid Kashmir and replicate GUJARAT LEADING INDIA ON THE PATH OF RAPID GROWTH. Mr Modi can be stopped only by the "mild present BJP leaders".

We will not let that happen,

We will not let that happen, He can be PM of NEPAL, the so called hindu rashtriya.

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18% MUSLIMS of India can not stop Mr MODI becoming PM if 80% HINDUS unite and decide to make Mr MODI the PM. Unfortunately, the HINDUS are divided by SECULARIST- who are the worst enemies of HINDUS- dividing vote on castism. Mr MODI as leader of BJP will make BJP totally PRO- HINDU, declaring openly that BJP does not require MUSLIM votes and do everything to unite HINDUS. It will cost BJP nothing as MUSLIMS any way "never vote" for BJP. It is happening in many parts of India and Mr MODI will be PM of India. Mr MODI as PM will be better for MUSLIMS also as he will think of the economic progress of all Indians including MUSLIMS, get Indian BILLIONS from SWISS BANKS unlike the "so called pro-Muslim parties" who make false promise to get MUSLIM VOTE and them do everything to keep the MUSLIMS POOR so that the POOR MUSLIMS remain their VOTE BANK.

good day dreaming Mr.

good day dreaming Mr. Anonymous. FYI look what happen to BJP in UP? Modi is persona non grata outside Gujrat. He can't even compaign to NDA partners in Bihar. Mr. Modi forget the dream of becoming PM of India. You are unwanted outside Gujrat. Even BJP won't tolerate you outside Gujrat.

Aacha khwab hai Mr.Anonymous.

Aacha khwab hai Mr.Anonymous.

Please caste your Vote as "

Please caste your Vote as " NO WAY "....Click on "No way" option...

Also mail to your friends who believe in fairness and justice for the
victims of 2002 anti muslim carnage in Gujarat!,28804,2107952_21079...


Thanks for the link. I voted as Definitely and also mailed to my friends who really believe in fairness and justice for the
victims of 2002 anti muslim carnage in Gujarat!

Gujarat is ranked 20th on Human development Index behind Bengal

He will be history with a win in this Gujarat election. P comes after C, so no PM if no CM. He is on shaky ground. People are fed up in Gujarat. Only rich and captilists are being benefited in Gujarat. On Human development index, Gujarat is in 20th spot in the list.

The report said Gujarat fares the worst in terms of overall hunger and nutrition among the industrial high per capita income states.

Who is he?

In today's modern-day India, he is the perfect example of being the foot-slave of Brahmanism, in simple, the robot of Aryan Hindutva. He acts, plays, dances and dramatizes to the tunes of his Brahmanical masters. "A Shudra at the service of his Brahmin mentor". This is what makes him special to the upper-caste racists whose only baggage is anger and anti-muslim bashing. The fall of this Pharoah of Gujarat is quite imminent and its only a matter of time that when he goes into the garbage dust-bin of history.

says who?

who says that non-brahmins are foot slaves of brahminism? narendra modi is not brahmin, me neither, doesnt mean we cant believe in aryan hindutva, by our own volition? why does it necessarily mean that we are robots, or shudras at the service of brahmin mentors? you need to get your head checked, nobody cares for brahmins nomore, we are fanatic by own free will

Salute to his development,

Salute to his development, but at the same time why Modisaab is silent on CAG report?

Hellfire Inshallah

Hellfire Inshallah

you hellfire

you go to hellfire, not him, inshallah

Modi will bring downfall of the country if he ever becomes PM

To all those people who assumes that if Modi becomes PM, he will boost the economy of the country then sorry people y'all are brainwashed. The truth is that Modi didn't bring riches to Gujarat.Gujarat was already in well to do condition as compared to majority other states before he became CM. In reality what Modi brought to Gujarat is racisim, hatred and segregation amongst citizens of Gujarat and that's what you want in rest of the country, so it be.

reply of the above

gujarat is well to do because of its nri population but now it seem that gujarat will develop by itself.less dependent on nri population.

Modi Is the BEST

As a Gujarati, i do not want Modi to go out from our state and go to center. If modi goes out, who will take care of our Gujarat, we will be missing him. Let rest of india go to hale.

Only RAHUL can make Modi the PM.

Thru folly, thru obstinacy (ZIDD), thru greed for power., thru taking the indian voter lightly, thru having dynastic inclination(s); Rahul CAN (if he so wishes) pave the way for Mr. Narendra Modi to be the PM of India.

And Mr. Modi will bury the IDEA OF INDIA for ever. Turn India into a Hindutva Af-Pak.

It will be a sad day for India. It will demolish the Idea of India., then India., and finally Hinduism itself.

Look for Af-Pak and Taliban for ready example !