Defaming GIO is an act of communalizing the society, should not be tolerated: Campus Front

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Campus Front of India has condemned the Mumbai police “Internal circular” as baseless and act of the communal mindset infiltrated in the department.

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Campus Front of India, National Vice President Atiya Firdous in a statement said, “It has been a practice that so called circulars & information on terrorism is only meant for Muslim organizations. And this is not the first time when Maharashtra police has targeted an organization without any evidence.”

She added, “On one side it is keen on targeting Muslims organization but has turned blind towards Hindutuva terror and to their activities, we already have seen the true colors of Maharashtra police’s in Dhule Riots, they not only assisted the rioters but also indulged in loot and damage.”

Atiya further added, “Until now only Muslim men and boys were targeted, but the Maharashtra Police has gone one step ahead to target Muslim girls. This is a very alarming sign and if this is not handled with care and seriousness, in future the arrests of girls will become common.”

The police department’s claim that it was just an intra-departmental circular makes it even more dangerous, as it makes clear how the security agencies are handling the issue of terrorism and making it Muslim centric, a press statement by campus Front added.

“This must be condemned in unequivocal terms, Maharashtra Police should ensure and uplift the constitutional rights, justice, equality and liberty for every community of this society regardless of their religion, creed, gender and caste” Atiya added.

Demanding Police reforms she added, “These kind of regular gags in Police department has made evident that, this are the handiworks of the anti social element infiltration in the department. This needs to be reformed immediately. We demand the home secretary of Maharashtra for enquiry to find out those responsible for this act which would communalize the society and we also demand an apology Saamna newspaper which has published this story.”