NCHRO fact-finding report on Bengaluru blast 2013

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain,,

Bengaluru: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) has accused both the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu police for falsely implicating innocent Muslims in the April 17th Bengaluru blast case and has demanded that the case be handed over to the CBI, for fair and speedy investigation.

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A report of the fact-finding team of NCHRO formed by Professor Ramesh and Bhavani B Mohan, group presidents for Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, respectively reveals that the cases filed against 11 Muslim suspects in connection with the blast were fobbed off and evidences were fabricated against them by the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka police.

News of the report release:

Report of Fact Finding Committee in respect of Malleswaram Blast, 2013, released at press club, Bangalore, on 25.05.2013.

Fact finding team of advocates from Tamil Nadu namely Bhavani B.Mohan, NCHRO, President – Tamil Nadu and Prof. Ramesh NHCRO,State President – Karnataka and Advocate SMA Jinnah, – NCHRO, State Secretary- Tamil Nadu and S. Rajnikanth, Advocate – Madras High Court and Human Rights activist, M.Mohamed Abbas , A.Nowfal , S.A.S.Alaudeen – Advocates and Human Rights activists visited the place of blast namely at Malleswaram near by the BJP Office where the alleged blast was taken place injuring 17 people including 11 policemen.

On 17/04/2013 with device of two wheeler TVS Suzuki bike fitted with pipe bomb bearing Registration No.TN 22R3769. The complaint was lodged by traffic police Sub-Inspector one Nanjappa who was physically present nearby the blast sight. In his complaint he did not mentioned any eye-witness witnessing the parking of vehicle that got exploded. But in his complaint stereo typing mentioned that the explosion was caused by some “anti –national “ terrorist organization members with intention of waging war against the nation, disturbing internal peace and harmony ,damaging public property and kill innocent by the explosion and run away after committing it. The very sentence recited in the complaint exposed the redesigned motive of the police to fix the accused without any investigation according to law. Subsequent to alleged investigating by CCB, one Peer mohaiden and Basheer were allegedly arrested on 23.04.2013 and followed by one KitchanBuha[email protected] on 23.04.2013 at Madurai. This alleged arrest of [email protected] is a stage managed drama of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Police to fix the accused as per their pre-designed plan throwing the slant up on the banned outfit erstwhile of Al-Umma and other absconding accused .

The paper reports revealed that so for the police mentioned 14 names as accused in the blast among whom 11 were arrested and 3 more are absconding .The police have taken the arrested accused to police custody to the maximum period and at present 7 accused are in police custody. The paper reports revealed that pipe bombs improvised explosive device manufactured from Kerala said to have been handed over to [email protected] and police Fakrudeen @Fakrudeen , who along with other accused by using the two wheeler bike finally brought the same to Bangalore by the absconding accused namely one Police Fakrudeen @Fakrudeen with Banna Ismail and Bilal Malik to explode the same during the IPL cricket match held on 16.04.2013 . Due to heavy bandobast of the police ,they were unable to carry out the design as scheduled . Therefore on 17.04.2013 under the monitoring of Police Fakrudeen @Fakrudeen , one Banna Ismail and Bilal Malik were parked the two wheeler TVS Suzuki Bike fitted with the Pipe Bomb near the BJP office at Malleswaram. That got exploded on 17.04.2013 at 10:30am injuring 17 persons.

The fact finding committee that was constituted to find the truth of explosions found a lot of material contradictions in the reports .Therefore our committee visited the place of occurrence enquired the nearby people ,interviewed the lawyers appearing for some of the remanded prisoners namely Mr.S.Balan and associates and peruse the materials , Documents connected to the case and visited Parapana Agrahara Central Prison , Bangalore where KitchanBuhari @Buhari, Basheer ,Sadam Hussain ,Peer Mohaideen are lodged and they were interviewed by the fact finding committee on 24.05.2013 and then interviewed the Investigation officer of this case on 25.05.2013,our fact finding committee came across a shocking facts about the suppression of illegal custody taken by the Tamil Nadu police as for as KitchanBuhari@ buhari, Bahseer ,Sadam Hussain are concerned .

Kitchan [email protected] narrated that on 21.04.2013 he went to Tirunelveli from Coimbatore at about10:30pm by bus with Thenkasi Sulaiman to attend the J.M No.I court in Tirunelveli while he reached the Tirunelveli bus stand on 22.04.2013 early morning about 04:30am on Tamil Nadu I.S Inspector Bandarinathan with his police team arrested him and Sulaiman .Then they arrested Mohamed Sali in Tirunelveli and three of them were taken in Madurai and on 22.04.2013 at about 10:30 Pm they were handed over to Karnataka Police near Pepsi Company at Vilankudi Madurai. Then the Karnataka Police had taken them and produced before the Judicial Magistrate concerned and got Police custody till 06.05.2013 .During the police custody Kitchan Buhari@ Buhari and other accused were harassed and tortured by Karnataka Police .Especially Kitchan Buhari@ Buhari was given electric shock in several parts of his body including his penis and further he was roped and hanged by using pulleys.

During the time of torture he was dictated to implicate Abdul Nazer Madani Kerala PDF leader undergoing yet another incarceration in the Bangalore Jail in connection with the 2008 blast , as the Kingpin for explosion at BJP office , and he only instructed to do so. That Kitchan Buhari even though represented before the doctor and also before the court , he was prevented openly by police .The method of torture is somewhat invisible and he sustained inner injuries in his body which requires immediate medical treatment and also probe it to the same.

Peer mohaideen a native resident of Melapalayam,Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu has been doing retail Tea Business for the past 7 years engaging and helping more than 1000 people from Melapalayam .he is doing a business without any sort of link with any organizations. He was tortured to tell them as if Police Fakrudeen @Fakrudeen ,Banna Ismail and Bilal Malik come to his residence stayed there and left to prior to the explosion .Since he had not even known their faces. He refused to say like that therefore he was implicated as accused. He also told us that the photos of absconding accused namely Police Fakrudeen @ Fakrudeen, Banna Ismail and Bilal Malik where shown to them and to admit them as known already.

The said Peer Mohaideen and Basheer were taken to custody near Pothy`s cloth centre in Chennai and they were tortured right from the place of taking in to illegal custody to Bangalore by tieing their hands together tightly and also blind folding their eyes and also tightly roping of head throughout the journey in the vehicle. During the police custody also they were tortured physically and mentally.

Sadam Hussain being the Brother-in-law of the Kitchan Bhuari and both of them conversed in the cell phone; he was also spinned in this case.

From the factual scenario and enquires the fact finding committee has come to the conclusion that it is crystal clear that the erstwhile BJP ruling tried through this explosion to have a political gain in the election as stated by the Eminent Congress leader during TV interview . That is why the FIR straightaway fixed the accusation on Terrorist antinational organisations, without any iota of truth. The erstwhile government and the police machinery hand in glove with the Tamil Nadu police spinned a banned outfit organisation erstwhile members who are actively fighting for justice in the appeal before the Apex Court pertaining to the bomb blast occurred in 1998 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The police also conveniently fixed the absconding accused as Muslims in Tamil Nadu to be perpetrators of the crime. The arrested persons are totally innocents and they have been falsely implicated and incarcerated in this case by invoking the UAPA act (Draconian Terrorist Act).

What had happened in Malegaon blast, Mumbai Samjotha Express, Ajmer Dargah Blast triggered by Hindutva fundamental outfits has been repeated herein the BJP blast case, just 2 weeks prior to the Karnataka Assembly elections as BJP was facing the election as a broken and disarrayed party. That has to be investigated impartially by credible investigation of the Central government namely by CBI, by which the real truth will be brought to justice.

In respect of Sim cards said to have been seized in this case is also tell-tale story created to connect the arrested persons in the crime. There are contradictions in respect of missing of cell phone belonging to RSS prominent leader. The said person was not at all examined as that of remanded Muslim accused.

Therefore on the careful analysis of records and direct interview we heard with concerned accused and police officers it is imperative to transfer the investigation from Bangalore CCB Police, Karnataka to CBI for independent and impartial investigation.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,


Advocate & State President
NCHRO – Tamil Nadu.