Muslim students lag behind in UP

    By TCN News,

    Aligarh: According to latest reports Muslims form only 13.2 percent segment of the total students strength in UP schools whereas they should be 18.5 percent based upon their population.

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    UP is also far behind than Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat in the literacy rate of Muslims. Farhat Ali Khan, Chairman of Minority Education Cell while chairing a meeting of the Forum for Muslim Studies & Analysis (FMSA) held at Media Centre Aligarh and said present government is also not serious on educating Muslims.

    Secretary General of FMSA Jasim Mohammad said, National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education collected data which indicate that Muslims are educationally most backward in those states in which noise is made more for their education. Monitoring Committee found with report of DIAS for 2012-13 that, “each third Muslim child is being deprived off from school admission”.

    He further pointed out that, “Apart of providing scholarships to the Muslim children, the government must come forward to provide adequate atmosphere and sustainable infrastructure to Muslim children. He said that Uttar Pradesh government is continuously ignoring establishment of Urdu medium schools. By not granting permission to Urdu medium school and extend financial help.

    AMU Court member Prof. Humayun Murad said that education is no doubt necessary but the issue of security of Muslims is on top. He said that the victims of Muzaffar Nagar riots are still displaced and the region is under fear psychosis while the Samajwadi Party and the Congress are only indulging in politics. AMU EC member Dr. Mohammad Shahid said constitutionally every language should be encouraged and the minorities have been granted rights for establishing educational institutions of their choice but permissions are not being granted for Urdu medium Schools. It is an open violation of Constitutional provisions.

    In the end of meeting, a resolution was passed demanding that the U.P. government should encourage and support education for Muslims as a special measure to bring them a progressive path.

    Large number of scholars and teachers were present in the meeting.