Saffronisation of education, increasing communalism and unrest in country: Jamat-E-Islami Hind

By Zaidul Haque,,

Kolkata: Jamat-E Islami Hind has alleged that the Muslim community is being deprived of its constitutional rights and claimed no proper initiative has been taken for development of the Muslim community. The new government is trying saffronisation of the social, political and cultural structure, it further alleged.

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“Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government not openly partial towards any community, but contrast mentality is seen in the lower section of his party,” all India president of Jamat-E Islami Hind Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri told a press conference on November 6.

With BJP in power, Hindutva ideologies are being promoted through the education syllabus, he alleged further and said “the saffron party, via the RSS, is setting up Shishu Vidya Mandir, Bal Bharti, Shiv Mandir type school.”

All India President of Jamat-E Islami hind Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri along with state president Muhammad Nuruddin in a press conference at Kolkata Press Club on 6th November, 2014. Also present Medi Secretary Masiur Rahma, State
All India President of Jamat-E Islami hind Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri along with state president Muhammad Nuruddin and others in a press conference at Kolkata Press Club on 6th November, 2014.

The Gujarat government has included senior member and “pracharak of RSS” Dinanath Batra’s book, which has communally twisted ancient history of India. “No alteration should be made to the traditional education and syllabus of the country, particularly History books. Instead of painting it with a particular color, traditions and values of all religion should be respected. Things should be presented with facts and truth. Religious education is an important need of the hour but teaching of just one religion should not be made compulsory for students of all religions,” Umri said.

Expressing anxiety about increasing communal tension throughout the country, Umri said, “Highly objectionable and hateful statements by some politician and communal forces before the last general elections and recent assembly elections have increased manifold after results and formation of the government. Consequently, communal conflicts are taking place in different parts of the country, which is threat to communal harmony and brotherhood and also a hindrance to development and progress of the country.”

Modi totally failed to keep his commitment made before the elections, Umri said and added, “He promised the development of the country, removal of poverty and corruption, but after five months in power, he is totally unsuccessful.”

Speaking about the situation in West Bengal, Maulana Umri also spoke a group or section in West Bengal is trying to create communal violence, he said, “To set afire a Madrasa student and attack underhand on the minority people, this heinous activity shows great conspiracy to bring about communal violence.”

Maulana Umri condemned the West Bengal media’s role in connection with the Khagragarh blast ( Burdwan) as stating: “This is very condemnable who-so-ever has done it. No doubt that blast is a criminal offence, but the role of media in this case is not ethical and appropriate.”

Media fabricated that an Islamic books ‘Noorani Qayeda’ was found in the madrasa and (so) trying communal polarizing. JIH demands fair trial and neutral investigation about the Burdwan explosion by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Replying to a question about Muslims comparing ruling TMC and previous Left front, Umri said: “We cannot compare the evolution of 34 years of Left Front government and just three years of Mamata government. But it is hoped that about reservation for Muslims in West Bengal, the minorities expect the state government to do more according to constitutional rights.”

State president of JIH Muhammad Nuruddin, all India secretary Nusrat Ali, former state president Rahmat Ali Khan and media secretary Masihur Rahaman were also present at the press conference.