Haryana police finally picks up 68 men form Atali in massive combing operation

No ‘arrest’ so far, 68 men have been picked up for ‘interrogation,’ confirmed Faridabad Police Commissioner

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Faridabad: On Saturday, Haryana Police led by Faridabad Commissioner Subhas Yadav led a ‘massive’ combing operation in Atali village and ‘picked up’ around 68 men for ‘interrogation’ after two communal clashes in a month.

“The combing operation was conducted with the aim to foil any move for further deteriorating the situation in the village, which witnessed the latest clash on Wednesday,” Commissioner Subhash Yadav later told media-persons. He, however, made it clear that they have not made any arrest so far, but will decide on the further course of action only after interrogation.

IMG_2805File Photo of the Mosque that has become a bone of contention in Atali village.

On Wednesday, Atali witnessed second round of attacks on poor Muslims that left several injured and forcing Muslims to flee the village and take refuge at their relatives’ homes in other villages.

About 500 Muslim men, women and children had earlier left the Atali village in panic after the May 25 incident, where their homes were attacked by Hindus and stayed put at the Ballabgarh police station in tents for days before returning to their villages under fear.

The incident was triggered during construction of a mosque and opposition to it by Hindus claiming that it was built on encroached land. Scores of houses belonging to Muslims were vandalized and property damaged.

They had returned only after assurances of security from police, however, the Wednesday incident had left them betrayed as many are now mulling to abandon the village altogether. Civil Society activists had alleged that by not arresting a single person for the May incident police had only emboldened the Hindu villagers.

Meanwhile, a protest erupted against the search operation with women of the village alleging harassment by the security personnel. The women staged a dharna on the road connecting to the village, which was later withdrawn, news agency PTI reported.


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