Meet Azharuddin, a mechanical engineer from Meerut who made an electric cart from junk, earning laurels

Thirty-year-old Azharuddin from Meerut in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is good with his hands. He created an electric cart from junk and he is now receiving online orders from abroad. Apart from this, the 31-year-old has also made an electric bicycle that can cover a distance of 100 km on a single charge.

Aas Mohammad Kaif,

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Uttar Pradesh: His father laboured all his life and his mother never went to school, yet the twenty-year-old Azharuddin from Muradnagar near Meerut in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh battled all odds and went on to become a mechanical engineer. His is a story of fighting poverty with talent and hard work and emerging victorious.

Azharuddin studied at a government school and today he is a second-year M.Tech. student at Subharti University, Meerut. The university management does not take fees from him. Instead, they provide all the facilities.

Azharuddin is good with his hands. He has created an electric cart from junk and is now receiving online orders from abroad. The twenty-year-old has also made an electric bicycle that can cover a distance of 100 kilometer on a single charge.

In addition to the electric cart, Azharuddin has also made a solar cart, which does not need to be charged. His feat is remarkable as he has accomplished it all by himself.

Presently, the boy from Muradnagar is working to get his e-cart verified by the government.

Electric cart made by Azharuddin.

“The e-cart is basically solar powered, but it can also be charged. It will benefit the environment immensely. It is cheaper and more robust. It can be used as an auto. Currently, its demand is coming from societies of large size, where these non-polluting carts are of great importance. Apart from this, they have great importance in places like Zoos, Taj Mahal etc. Till now such carts were running on battery. We have a cheaper alternative to solar and electricity,” Azharuddin told

Azharuddin’s accomplishments have not been in vain. He has received an offer of 6 solar carts from a society in Hyderabad.

For his first electric cart, it cost him INR 1.5 lakh. He has improved its cost of making and his e-cart now has space for more people to sit. An e-cart made by him has been sent to Dubai.

Azhar says that if the government cooperates with him, they can build something that can contribute to pollution reduction in the country and improve the environment.

Azharuddin says that he has made his electric bicycle in the same manner. It can charge up to 100 kilometres at a time, while the company’s cycle runs 30-40 kilometre. It can run-up to the speed of 25-30 kilometre per hour and is pollution-free. He has started getting orders for his e-cycle.

He says his e-cart was used at the Taj Mahal in Agra for six months. “I had built a one-seater helicopter in 11th grade, which was greatly appreciated at the exhibition in Ghaziabad,” he said.

His e-cart is now being used in Haryana’s Hisar Cantt. and Engineering College. His e-carts are also today used at his college Subharti Meerut.

Azharuddin’s father Amirudin Kassar told that “Azhar has brought him only joy and pride.”

“People in the village know me because of my son. I respect him more,” he says.

Talking enthusiastically about his e-cart, Azharuddin explains that in the event of solar energy being interrupted, its work will be done by charging and this cart will keep running. “Two batteries of 12 volts and five batteries of 140-ampere lead-acid have been used in the solar panel. This is the biggest feature of this e-cart that it operates from both solar and electricity as well and is cheap,” he says.

At Subharti University, Azharuddin’s work is discussed with excitement.

A staffer at the University Sanjay Kumar points out that Azhar’s talent is natural. “The natural talent inside him is going to take him to places. He has earned a name for himself through his work. His difficult time has passed. We wish him a bright future,” he said.

The story of Azharuddin exemplifies that passion and hard work pays, no matter how humble your beginnings.