International community & India should take cognizance of Pakistan’s declared war for Kashmir.

Ref:- Indo – US nuclear deal bound to be jeopardized.

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This refers to report in Pakistan media (The News) dated Aug 8, 2007 that while taking part in foreign policy debate in the house, Parliamentary Secretary for Defense Syed Tanveer Hussain said on Tuesday in National Assembly session that: –

“The United States and India have similar interests in Kashmir and a conspiracy being hatched to make the region autonomous” Tanveer further said that “the Kashmir issue wouldn’t be resolved on table adding that allowing free entry to jihadis in Kashmir can resolve the issue within one month”.

Any body who has even an elementary knowledge of International law understands that it is a declaration of war against India by Pakistan especially in view of: –

(a)- Tanveer’s statement that Kashmir issue wouldn’t be resolved on table and

(b)- Tanveer suggesting an alternative of jihadi’s entry into Indian territory of J&K

(This alternative can be extended to other measures also, by Government of Pakistan, including full-fledged offensive with armed forces, tanks, aero-planes etc.).

This declaration of war against India by Pakistan has serious implications / options for the following: –

(1)- For Kashmiris on both the sides of LOC as it is the hour of reckoning & the end of the dark tunnel for them given: –

(i)- About 80,000 Kashmiris have (as per EU’s report) lost their lives for Kashmir solution hence it is mainly Kashmiris (Muslims) and not the Hindus & Buddhists of J&K (Jammu & Ladhakh region) who have highest stakes in early Kashmir solution (which is unified Kashmir).

(ii)- Kashmiris should tell Pakistan that earlier also jihadi’s entry from Pakistan did not help and Kashmiris had to sacrifice 80,000 of their people, hence if Pakistan is really serious about taking rest of Kashmir from India then Pakistan should use its regular armed forces in this war against India.

(iii)- Kashmiris should tell Hindu majority India also that in view of this declared war against India by Pakistan, if India is really serious about retrieving its lost territory of Muslim majority Pakistan administered Kashmir then India should use its armed forces to retrieve it.

(iv)- After talking to both, Pakistan & India as mentioned above and after ascertaining the honesty and seriousness of India / Pakistan, the Kashmiris from both sides of LOC should take a decision jointly & unanimously that which way to tilt.

(v)- After this, the Kashmiris should petition United Nations in order to ensure that this time Kashmir dispute is not left unresolved like 1948 Plebiscite resolution of UN and this time a final and lasting solution be achieved by UN by intervening in this Pakistan declared war against India.

(2)- For China also it has serious implication because the issue and status of part of the territory of J&K which was transferred to China by Pakistan will be raked up during this war.

(3)-Serious implication for USA / UK alliance which is involved in war in Iraq – Afghanistan having close territories with Pakistan / Kashmir / India, can hardly be over emphasized especially in view of likely invocation of jehadi sentiments in this Pakistan declared war against India.

(4)- Deep concerns of UN / international community can easily be understood given the fact that the two contending countries, Pakistan & India (and to some extent China as explained above) all are nuclear powers.

(5)- But the immediate effect of this Pakistan declared war against India will be on (under process) Indo – US nuclear deal which is bound to be jeopardized in view of the wide spread apprehensions aired in India about the constraints on nuclear test put by this treaty on India and the dire need for such nuclear tests by India in this scenario of Pakistan declared war against India.

(6)- For SAARC it will be a blessing in disguise as this Pakistan declared war against India has every potential of ushering into Federation / United States of Democratic Secular SAARC countries.

As for the charge by Tanveer that “The United States and India have similar interests in Kashmir and a conspiracy being hatched to make the region autonomous”, the Kashmiris should not be under any delusion. Because India which is still not reconciled to its partition will never allow its further emasculation by compromising its sovereignty / territorial integrity in any manner including by granting autonomy (even in alliance with USA) to this region as expounded by Tanveer. If any body thinks otherwise then he does not know even the abcd of Hindu psyche.


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