UN: Bombs in Algerian Capital Kill 17

By Prensa Latina

United Nations : UN confirmed the death of 17 UN employees during dynamite attacks that took place this week in the Algerian capital and disclosed a message of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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Sadly, I have been informed that the number of people dead by bomb explosions in Algiers on Monday was even greater than what we feared, Ban states in his message.

Some 17 people have been identified as deceased, a devastating high number of innocent Algerians also died, as well as nationals from other countries, according to the statements disclosed by spokeswoman Marie Okabe.

UN Secretary General, currently in Timor Leste, is in solidarity with the UN employees “who work each day in difficult and dangerous circumstances in favor of peace, development and human rights in the whole world”.

Ban assures he won’t rest until UN offers the appropriate security for all its employees, wherever they are, and that he will search for all possible ways to ensure it.

Ban sent the administrator for UN Programme for Development Kermal Dervis to Algeria soon after the terrorist’s acts took place.

According to reports, Dervis visited those injured and got interviewed with the relatives of the victims.