Iran denies military intervention in Iraq


Tehran : Iran's Defence Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohamad-Najjar has dismissed recent US' allegations that Iran has military intervention in Iraq and supports terrorist groups in the country and said such charges are aimed at fomenting the US-led psychological war.

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Mohammad-Najjar made the remarks on the sidelines of the 7th `Rashed' Quality Festival here Sunday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran regards Iraq's security as its own, he underlined.

"Occupation of Iraq followed a big lie," he said, adding that escalation of tension in the occupied regions and resort to terrorist tactics have been the customary methods of the CIA to justify the US presence in the region, cover up Washington's past failures and mislead public opinion in the US.

The type of terrorist moves and actions in Iraq point to the fact that CIA has a share in terrorist catastrophes and insecurity in Iraq, said the minister, adding that Iran has repeatedly announced readiness for cooperation with the Iraqi government for full restoration of security and calm in the country. "In this connection, Iran will spare no effort," he emphasized.

Iran's cooperation would be in line with the accords signed with the Iraqi national government, he said.

Blaming others and trading allegations are among other tactics the US employs to compensate its failures in Iraq, reiterated the minister, adding that the "totally false" rumours, such as transfer of Iranian-made missiles to Syria, the country's military and arms assistance to terrorist groups and its intelligence and military activities in Iraq, are spread by the White House extremists.

The US psychological warfare and propaganda campaign cannot undermine cooperation between Iran and the Iraqi democratic government, he said, adding that it would be better for the US neo-conservatives to revise their code of conduct and their policies, avoid such wicked moves and pull their forces out of Iraq based on the timetable.