Russian art marathon opens in Tokyo

By RIA Novosti

Tokyo : A marathon exhibition showcasing the best of contemporary Russian theatre, music, dance, movies and circus opened here Monday.

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The five-month Russian arts festival, to run till Nov 5, will feature classical opera and ballet productions by the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky theatres, as well as folk music and dance performances by troupes such as Beryozka and gigs by Russian pop star Yulia Savicheva.

Some of the latest films will be screened, including Alexander Sokurov's, "Taurus" and Karen Shakhnazarov's "The Rider Named Death", as part of a vast film programme also featuring Russian animated movies, which have traditionally enjoyed wide popularity in Japan.

Fine arts exhibitions will include a show that attempts to establish links between Russia's imperial Romanov dynasty and contemporary Japan.

Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Naryshkin, now on a routine visit to Japan, will attend the inauguration of the festival, likely to become an annual event given the level of interest it drew after its launch last year.

The organizers include the Russian foreign ministry and the federal agency for the arts and film, which have been working in partnership with the Russia-Japan friendship society.