Indian PM’s Rebuke to the British PM Over Terrorism

By giving a befitting rebuke to the British Prime Minister over the alleged involvement of Indians in the so-called failed terrorist attack in England, the India Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh deserves accolades for having expressed himself from the most dignified plank as the leader of the largest democracy of the world. What Dr. Singh stressed in the most unambiguous words was his strong objection to the Western mentality of intimidating the world through its hypothetical narratives of terorism.

The remarkable feature of his strong reaction was the clubbing together of India and Pakistan, by emphasising that “Labelling Indians and Pakistanis as terrorists is disturbing.”. This , no doubt, reflects India’s growing awareness of the West’s ingenious contrivance to set the regional powers at variance and then dictate terms to them.

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India must tell the British Prime Minister in totally unequivocal language to furnish the irrebttable proof about the involvement of the Indian Doctor in the so-called failed terrorist attack, or else it would be considered as yet another addition to the lies which the West has been speaking so far. Before drawing any conclusions, the world must not forget the possibility of such scares being stagemanaged by the new British Prime Minister as an excuse for perpetuating the legacy of his most discredited precdecessor.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Zanzibar University, Tanzania