Nepal to accord high priority to ties with India, China


New Delhi : Nepal will accord high priority to the friendship with neighbouring India and China, according to the government's policy paper for the fiscal year 2007-08.

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According to the Annual Policies and Programs paper of Interim Government, Nepal will pursue the policy of attaching high priority to the friendship with India and China.

Premier Girija Prasad Koirala, while presenting the policy paper in Parliament, Wednesday, also expressed commitment to deal sternly with those involved in violent and criminal activities in order to improve law and order situation for conducting the Constituent Assembly polls in a free and fair manner, a PTI report said here.

His statement was read out by Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ramchandra Poudyal due to the ill health of the Prime Minister who as, however, present in Parliament.

The policy document also mentioned expediting the tasks of nationalizing palaces, forests, parks, heritages and historical sites that belong to King Gyanendra.

The government said it would initiate the process of forming a trust for utilizing the properties of late King Birendra and Queen ishwarya in the interest of the nation.

The paper also talked about returning the 107,000 Bhutanese refugees staying in eastern Nepal to their country in a dignified manner and to opening the option of resettlement in third country as well.

The Constituent Assembly polls slated for November this year are expected to make a major contribution to the institutional development of democracy that was attained through the historic people's movement and struggle, the paper stated.

The government has appealed to all agitating groups and ethnic communities to resolve their problems through the peaceful means of dialogue and said that the door for talks have been kept open.