India’s New Ballistic Missiles Revealed: Agni IV May Have A Range Of 6000 Kms

 By Pervez Bari,
Bhopal : India announced the launch of two major missile programmes – the extended version of the intermediate range ballistic missile Agni III, successfully tested this year, and a strategic naval missile which is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.
The above announcement has been made according to which quoted Times Now sources. 
The Agni III was successfully launched this year and the new missile which may be called the Agni IV, will have a range of nearly 6,000 kilometers – enough to target India's major rivals. The missile should be ready in two years.
The Defense Research and Development Organization, (DRDO), an organization of the Union Ministry of Defense, is also readying a strategic, nuclear-capable missile for the Indian Navy. While the DRDO is not going into the details, the missile is likely to be submarine-launched and is to be ready in three years. This will give India the triad – the ability to launch nuclear weapons from land, under-sea and the air. DRDO is confident about the completion of the project and says there are no more difficulties.
It's a strategic missile, so I can't talk much about it. But yes, definitely we have done a lot of work in the propulsion system of such a missile, control and containerization of these missiles, and I think these elemental technologies are very vital. I am sure that at an appropriate point of time the country will reveal it. The missile can be got ready in 2-3 years, but it is the technologies we are more focused on, said M K Natarajan, Scientific Advisor.

Agni missile programme extended


Also, the Agni Missile Programme has also been extended. The improved telemetry and electronics package will make the missile more compact. A compact design will accommodate another motor in the missile. The motor will have a solid propellant, hence better controls are needed. This is expected to make it possible to strike anywhere in China, which has intercontinental ballistic missiles. The range of rocket has been extended by 1,500 km. ([email protected]) 

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