Muslim fundamentalist militancy, the product of western secularism.

Ref:- Improvised Shiv-Sena model (as UN controlled IPP) can be the solution

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The various terrorist attacks like 9/11, terrorist attacks in UK, terrorist attacks in India, Lal Masjid fight etc. by Muslim militants, during last 6 years, have made the Muslim fundamentalism a burning issue which is testing the competence & sagacity of politicians / statesmen / political scientists of the entire world. And now after Glasgow terror attack in which three highly qualified Indian Muslims (Engineer and Doctors) are alleged to be accused, it has become a political head-ache for India.

Though its solution is very simple but the mankind has been an utter failure in coming to terms with it for the simple reason that the mankind is overly and unnecessarily influenced / overwhelmed with the concept of secularism (old-secularism) as practised & prescribed by scientifically-economically-militarily powerful-developed / western / Christian world.

Old-secularism can function only in those countries which is under the influence of one religion. That is why western countries, the champion of old-secularism, are trying to bifurcate Israel and Palestine in two countries, practising Jew and Islamic religions.

In old-secularism State has nothing to do with religion but it grew in western world because most of the followers of its religion , the Christianity, are powerful in these countries hence there has been no threat to Christianity in these countries. But it is not the case with Islam who, what to talk of other countries where they are in minority, are not powerful even in their own countries (because Christians have become powerful all over the world and subduing (at times even humiliating) the followers of all other religions (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc are simply some examples).

This has created a situation where Muslims (having second largest following, 57 countries in the world and history of bloody conflicts with Christians like Crusade etc.) are smarting under the rub of Christianity.

This competition and struggle of Muslims could have easily been channelised for creative purposes had United Nations been responsible global institution. But during last more than 60 years the UN functioned merely as an agent of veto wielding nations and never cared for the aspirations, sensitivities and human rights of the citizens of the remaining world.

A solution to this problem was sought to be solved by Hindus in India where in eighties they converted a regional political party (came in existence in 1966) into a religion oriented Shiv-Sena which claims to be a Hindu militant political party (Garam Dal) which is supposed to believe in contemporarily relevant secularism (new-secularism) by equally respecting all the religions in addition to keeping equi-distance from all the religions. That is why large number of deeply religious Hindus (believing in new-secularism) from so many States got attracted to Shiv Sena

But Shiv-Sena’s experiment in new-secularism could not succeed because:-

(i)- Like Al-Queda, Shiv Sena also became an ideology and not an organisation. Reportedly, Al-Queda is essentially an organisation of Arabs and does not have organisations in other countries but merely franchises. Similarly Shiv-Sena reduced itself as an essentially Marathi political party but on the basis of its ideology of Hindutva its franchises are operating in so many States of India.

[These Shiv Sena franchises are now nothing but criminal and lumpen elements, as in Delhi also, which are allowed to operate in Shiv-Sena’s name (even to contest elections also on Shiv-Sena tickets) by Shiv Sena Chief the ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ (the ruler of Hindu’s heart) Balasaheb Thackerey, who never goes out of Maharashtra]

(ii)- In this franchisee business of Shiv-Sena, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is a perfect accomplice who once enacted a drama in 1997 of conducting so called party organisational elections (through hand picked national executives only) and now every five years ECI repeats this drama without allowing Shiv-Sena members from all over India to vote in this sham of organisational elections.

(iii)- Due to this franchisee business, the only past time of so called Shiv-Sena of other States is to some how keep them in news by trying to keep the Muslims harassed and to project Shiv-Sena as a guardian of Hindu religion / culture which gives them enough scope to terrorise even Hindus through like of valentine day protest, the protest against various ‘anti-Hindutva’ films, protest against conversions to Christianity etc.

(iv)- May be due to lack of tradition & practice of Qurabani (Martyrdom) amongst Hindus in contrast to what it is highlighted to be in Muslims, these franchise Shiv Sena though may not be able to enact bold terrorist acts like those which are enacted by the franchises of Al-Queda namely Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkat-ul-Mujahiddeen, Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami etc. But franchise Shiv Sena also quite try to emulate the franchises of Al Queda by at times digging cricket pitches (during India’s match with Pakistan, its sworn rival) etc.

But there is a need for at least one (later on more may come) religion oriented political party in India. Because there is no new-secular party in India that is why India was partitioned in 1947 (Congress which is also not a new-secular party hence allowed Mahatma Gandhi to use its political platform to chant Hindu religious hymns like ‘ Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ etc, could hardly command the confidence of Muslims in pre-partition India).

Therefore in view of the apathy of UN which is in no mood to launch the controlling institution / mechanism of democratic new-secular International Political Parties (IPP) which may operate in more than one country [where periodic organisational elections after verifying membership and annual returns of audited financial accounts of IPP will be ensured by UN through Registrar of IPP]:-

(1)- The people who think that democratic new-secular globalisation may be realised without first invoking & launching a global new-secular political organisation like IPPs then they are trying to put cart before the horse.

(2)- Hence the deeply religious Muslims ought to launch religion oriented new-secular political parties in all of their 57 countries and in other countries where Muslims are in minority, as in India etc.

(3)- Thus Muslims ought to create an example and model that new-secularism can be practised only by those people and organisations who are deeply religious.

(4)- At the same time Muslims from all over the world simultaneously ought to pressurise UN to start the institution / mechanism of IPP.

(5)- Though during post independence, the Indian Muslim politicians have been playing a second fiddle to Hindu leaders of the political parties they belong to (as is evident from their acquiescence to State policies which have been inimical to Muslim interests, as is projected in truncated Sachchar Committee’s report also), but Indian Muslim politicians can still be a great help in this mission of IPPs due to shear reason of their political experience in the largest functioning democracy of the world, India.

(6)- This mechanism of IPP will also give an opportunity to Muslims (through Muslims living in Christian majority Western countries) to directly intervene in the political lives of western countries where quite a number of their citizens (of all religions) are unjustly treated and where most egalitarian Islam can not only bring a succour to them but may also show a mirror to these unduly high handed western countries.

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