Surge in violence fallout of pro-US policy: Pakistan opposition


Islamabad : Pakistan's opposition alliance has described the country's security scenario as "alarming" alleging that the recent spate of violence was a result of President Pervez Musharraf's pro-US policy.

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Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) leader and member national assembly Hafiz Hussain Ahmed in a private TV channel talk show said that Pakistan was passing through a critical phase and the security situation is deteriorating day by day.

"The recent spate of suicide bombings inside the country is a result of pro US policies of President Musharraf, which he has adopted in the name of cooperation in war on terror," Online news agency quoted Ahmed as saying.

The MMA is a coalition of Musharraf critics, formed after Pakistan became a part of the "Global War on Terror". The coalition criticises Musharraf government for its support to the US' fight against global terrorism. The alliance alleges the current regime puts the demands of the US above the demands of Pakistanis.

Ahmed said that the difficulties facing the country were a result of "support to NATO bombings in our areas and agreement with the tribal agencies".

Lambasting the Musharraf government for failing to provide maintain law and order, Ahmed said: "The government talks of establishing its writ but despite spending Rs.22 billion on security it has failed miserably in establishing it even in Islamabad."

He compared Musharraf with former military ruler General Zia-ul-Haq saying: "Both Gen Pervez Musharraf and Gen Zia are such dictators who have taken unnecessary measures."

Hafiz Hussain condemned the suicide bombings.