PM to Indian aviation: Provide ‘world-class’ service


New Delhi : India’s booming civil aviation industry should not only focus on procuring the best of aircrafts but put greater emphasise on providing “world-class” service, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said here Saturday.

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“Your business is not just about getting world class aircraft, but also about ensuring world class service levels. I want you to focus your attention on that,” the prime minister said at an event to receive the delivery of a new fleet of aircraft for Air-India.

“Our airports, our airlines and all related systems must be world class and must make every customer and client feel cared for,” he added.

The prime minister Saturday received B777-200LR (Long Range), A310 (freighter), A321, B737-800 and B737-200 (freighter) as part of Air India’s new fleet at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Air India would be using the B777-200LR to fly non-stop daily between Mumbai and New York starting Aug 1. Airbus’s A321, which would be on display for few days, would be used for domestic routes.

“Within a short period of about one year we were able to place orders for 43 Airbus aircraft for Indian Airlines and 68 Boeing aircraft for Air India,” the prime minister said adding the plight faced by the national carriers due to shortage of aircrafts.

Highlighting the immense business potential in unleashing the aviation cargo sector Prime Minister Singh said: “I am happy that Air India and Indian Airlines will foray into this business. In a globalised and increasingly integrated business environment, efficient aviation logistics of adequate scale are a crucial element of the world-wide supply chain network of business corporations.”

Manmohan Singh also stressed that new aircrafts and terminals can only fulfil the hardware needs of the industry but in order to sustain growth in such a competitive market the airlines should focus on creating newer management styles, effective customer services and a sound quality of service.

Urging the national carriers to gear up and become growth oriented to sustain their competitive edge in the global aviation market, Singh said: “The national carriers have served the country well but I believe that the best is yet to come. They have to be prepared for meeting the challenge of increased competition both globally and in the domestic market.”

He also asked both the national carriers to regain their lost “reputation” as the world’s best airlines.

“There was a time when Air India was regarded as one of the world’s best airlines. I am sure that Air India will once again regain that reputation. That should be your aim. You have our support in this endeavour. Given our tradition of hospitality we in India should be at the forefront of such service industries.”