Woolmer was not murdered: Scotland Yard


London : Detectives of the Scotland Yard involved in the investigation of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer's death during the recent World Cup have concluded that he was not murdered, reports in the British media Saturday said.

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The verdict is reported have been reached following work by a UK Home Office pathologist, who flew to Jamaica to probe the death on March 18 that hit headlines across the world.

According to the Daily Mail, the Jamaican police are expected to soon announce that Woolmer died of natural causes. The newspaper reported that the Kingston police now believe that Woolmer died of natural causes, brought on by chronic ill health and possibly diabetes.

Speaking to the BBC, former Pakistan player Asif Iqbal criticised the Jamaican police investigation and said: "When they said it was suspicious, after that it should have been dealt with in a normal way instead of being a Hollywood, or Bollywood kind of investigation.

"Every day there were different stories in the newspaper, every day there was a different way of his being murdered. I think they made a mess of it to be very honest."

Mark Shields, Jamaica's deputy police commissioner, had announced at a news conference that the 58-year-old former England Test cricketer had been murdered.

There has been no confirmation of the report.

An unnamed member of Jamaica's Labour Party has reportedly said that the case had become a "global embarrassment" for the country's police force.