Abbas warns against efforts to undermine unity government

By Xinhua

Ramallah : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned against efforts to weaken the unity government, saying its alternative would mean chaos and anarchy in the Palestinian territories.

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According to the Ramallah-based al-Ayyam Daily, Abbas made the remarks Friday when he chaired a two-day meeting of his movement Fatah's revolutionary council, which was being held in this West Bank city.

Abbas reiterated that his Fatah movement "would never be the cause for the infighting… Fatah would never be behind inflaming fire, it would work to extinguish it."

Fatah and its rival party Hamas, which was dominating the current Palestinian unity government, have been fighting with each other since early May, which has left more than 80 Palestinians dead and at least 150 others wounded.

Thanks to mediation efforts from Egypt, the two factions reached a fifth ceasefire on May 19, which has been largely observed so far.

Currently, representatives of the two factions as well as other Palestinian groups are holding talks with Egyptian mediators in Cairo to reinforce the May 19 ceasefire and to seek a possible renewal of a truce with Israel.