Healthy and civilized society a must for peaceful life: K Rahman Khan

By TwoCAfkar Milli staff reporter

New Delhi : A healthy and civilized society is essential for a peaceful life on earth. Muslims have to play their role in the establishment of a healthy society, otherwise the next generations will not forgive us, said Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K. Rahman Khan while inaugurating a day-long conference on "Towards a Better World: The Role of Muslims" organised by Urdu monthly Afkar-e-Milli to mark its completion of 20 years, at India Islamic Cultural Centre here Sunday.

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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Ameer Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri presided over the conference.

"Sixty years have passed since we got independence but the social life of Muslims from educational and economic points of view has not improved to the extent it should have been by now," rued Mr. Khan.

"Now when Muslims are being projected as terrorists all over the world, it is the duty of Muslims to make collective and concerted efforts to devise a strategy, and by acting upon which it can be proved that Muslims can be messengers of peace for the entire humanity but can never be terrorists. We will have to act to change the present scenario, and this we can do only when we play a distinguished role in the fields of education and technology," he stressed.

In his keynote address, All India Muslim Personal Law Board President Maulana Syed Rabey Hasani Nadvi drew the attention of Muslims towards making the best possible use of media in making the world a better place to live in.

"The day when Muslims will hold command over media will definitely be a better day not only for Muslims but for the rest of the world," the AIMPLB president observed.

Speaking from the presidential chair, Maulana Jalaluddin Umri shared the view expressed by Maulana Rabey Nadvi.

"Those who hold command over media today make a mountain out of a mole hill. As long as we leave an impact on media, we cannot influence the society," he said.

Editor Afkar-e-Milli Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas threw light on the achievements of his magazine during the past 20 years.

Other speakers included Editor Milli Gazette Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan, Hujjatul Islam Allama Syed Zeeshan Hidayati, Safinatul Hidaya director Allama Syed Aaqil Al Gharavi and renowned Islamic economist Professor M. Nejatullah Siddiqui.