Ambika Soni opens ‘Dreams in Italy’ exhibition


New Delhi : Tourism Minister Ambika Soni Tuesday inaugurated here an exhibition of 72 paintings by the Hungarian mother-daughter duo of Elizabeth Sass Brunner and Elizabeth Brunner done in Italy in the last century.

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Elizabeth Sass Brunner (1889-1950) and Elizabeth Brunner (1910-2001) were "artists of extraordinary talent and unique spiritual vision" and the exhibition aims at presenting a comprehensive picture of their art, a tourism ministry statement said.

The paintings include some of their works done in Hungary just before they left for their journey to India and also some beautiful pieces done shortly after their arrival in this country.

These specifically trace their route from Hungary to the Italian towns of Fiume, Bologna, Rome Naples, Sorrento, Capri and Sicily, to Tripoli in Libya and finally to India.

Their attitude towards Italy was as unusual as their art was unique. The favourite tourist sites did not attract them. They were seeking something more.

The beautiful landscapes and ancient monuments conveyed to them a spiritual message, enabling them to interpret mighty Roman ruins, the catacombs of the first Christian communities, the mighty forces of nature present in rocks, volcanoes, and the mighty waves of the sea.

Thus, visitors to the "Dreams in Italy" exhibition will get a complete picture of their art, as also of their artistic development.

There is a constant representation of the transformations that take place, the colours of sea and mount Vesuvius. Every city they moved to is depicted in a unique predominant colour.

Thus, Bologna is warm and yellow. Rome glows like the torches of the Coliseum. Naples is multi-coloured and crowded. Sorrento and Capri are represented through the blue and green of the Mediterranean.