Shia shrine attacked in north, three mosques bombed in Baghdad


Baghdad : Attacks on Sunni and Shia holy places and mosques continued in Iraq with the bombing of a shrine north of this capital city and three mosques in the south, Iraq's Independent News Agency reported Thursday.

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The agency, citing an official source, said the shrine of Imam Ali Bin Mussa al-Kazem in Thiaylib, a village 60 km northeast of Baghdad, was badly damaged.

The source told the agency that unidentified armed men who came in cars sealed off the shrine, then planted explosives in it and blew it up Wednesday night.

Also Wednesday night, unknown gunmen blew up three Sunni mosques south of Baghdad, a security source told the Iraqi Independent News Agency.

The three mosques of the Grand Iskandariyah Mosque, Hiteen Mosque and Abdullah Mosque in the Iskanderiyah district, 60 km south of Baghdad, were brought down after attackers detonated explosives inside them, the source added.

The bombings followed the attack at the Al-Askari Mosque in Samara Wednesday in which two minarets of the mosque were destroyed.

It was the second bombing on the mosque, which is a major holy site for Shia Muslims, after the February 2006 attack, which toppled the massive golden dome.

That attack sparked a wave of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shia bringing Iraq to the brink of a civil war.