Ismail offends another legendary composer

By Subhash K. Jha


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Mumbai : Ismail Durbar has done it again. He has ended up insulting one more legend of the music world on Zee TV's talent hunt show "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa".

In Saturday's episode, Ismail targets composing genius Khayyam by challenging his decision.

"A row arose between Ismail and Khayyam saab when the latter eliminated a contestant Jyoti from the competition. Ismail claimed Jyoti had sung well enough and that it was a wrong decision by Khayyam saab," said a Zee TV spokesperson.

"Ismail also mentioned that it was as wrong for Ashaji (Bhosle) to have eliminated another contestant, Sarika. Khayyam saab was naturally very hurt. He said he thought Ismail was insulting him, his music and his experience of so many years. He was very upset by his remarks. But Ismail was firm and got into a serious argument with Khayyam saab."

When contacted, Khayyam tried to underplay the ugly incident.

"Ismail is young and talented. He shouldn't have said what he did. But we sorted it out. I think Ismail's job is to guide the contestants. And one has to be very objective about the judgement," Khayyam told IANS.

"But often one gets emotional about issues, like a contestant from Pakistan… or a female contestant from the US who has left her child behind… These are emotional matters," he added.

Khayyam, however, said that one can't be emotional while judging a contestant.

"And after a judge gives his decision, no one can challenge his judgement. Ismail challenged my judgement and it was wrong. However I'd say he got emotional. He shouldn't have used the words he did.

"Having said this, I must say Ismail and his students are very talented. When this incident happened, my colleague on the judges' seat Rajesh Roshan was abroad. So I was alone and, therefore, had a double responsibility."

Commenting upon his equation with his other fellow judges, he said: "My relations with all the judges go back a long way. Bappi Lahiri's father, Ismail's father, Himesh Reshammiya's father have worked with me. And Vishal and Shekhar are like my sons. I'd say there're no losers and winners on the show. They're all so good."

Some time ago, Ismail made a mockery of Lata Mangeshkar by recording a song by her for a film that never got made. Lata is still waiting for Ismail to get back to her.

On "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa", which he judges every week, Ismail has been regularly crossing swords with Asha Bhosle.