Blair demands “significant changes” in road map for EU treaty

By Xinhua

Brussels : British Prime Minister Tony Blair said here Thursday that "significant changes" have to be made in certain areas concerning the road map for a new treaty of the European Union (EU) during talks at the EU summit.

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    "There could be very tough negotiations … but we need a resolve," Blair, who is here for his last EU summit, told reporters upon arrival at the EU headquarters.

    "Satisfying" changes must be done to the areas concerning the new treaty, he added, without elaborating.

    He also stressed that efforts must be made to ensure that the EU, which has almost doubled its size after the waves of enlargement, work effectively.

    Britain is opposed to the draft road map for the new treaty submitted by Germany, notably in the areas of justice, social security, policing and the charter for fundamental rights.

    The EU summit, which will continue through Friday, started here Thursday afternoon with discussion on bids of Cyprus and Malta to join the euro zone.

    The EU leaders will also tackle the issues of a road map for a new EU treaty which will replace the EU constitution, the Western Balkans, and EU relations with Africa, among others.