Joint Arab security system needed – Arab Interim Parliament Head


Cairo : Head of the Arab interim parliament Mohammad Jassem Al-Saqr has called for the creation of a joint Arab security system aimed at deterring threats and contribute to preserving stability of the Arab countries.

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Speaking during the inauguration of an urgent meeting of the parliament Thursday, Al-Saqr said that failure to impose such system has created a big vacuum that must be dealt with by the concerned countries in a way that guarantees their rights and meet their ambitions.

He added that he “regrets that European countries and others in that region believe that the violence that have been hitting our area poses danger to their prosperity and security,” asserting the importance of dealing directly with this matter from this perspective.

He said that frequent eruption of national crises and the lack of finding solutions to them lead to society division, saying this matter could not be accepted.

He underscored the importance of consolidating efforts of all national factions in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq for the sake of sparing their countries more divisions.

He said the interim parliament could play a vital role along with the Arab League in this respect, calling for increasing humanitarian and social assistance to needy countries.

He added that the events now unfolding in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Darfur had serious implications and called for cooperation between the provisional parliament and the Arab League to send a fact-finding committee to Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

Al-Saqr also called for an end to the current bloodshed on the Palestinian political arena because the armed clashes benefited only the Israeli enemy.

He also called all warring factions in Iraq to go back to their senses and return to the negotiation table.