Kuwait lashes U.S. human rights report

By Xinhua

Kuwait city : A Kuwaiti justice committee on Wednesday rejected a recent U.S. human rights report charging Kuwait with human trafficking.

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Considering the report as "divorced from reality," the committee, affiliated to the Ministry of Justice, said in a news release that the allegation by the U.S. report was a "blatant and designed distortion of facts."

The UN agreements inked by Kuwait on the fight against organized crimes and human trafficking have become an irrevocable law in Kuwait, the committee said.

The committee said that it has already supplied the U.S. Department of State with the number of cases falling within the concept of human trafficking.

"Now that such facts that emanate from reality and law have been illustrated, allegations of human trafficking in Kuwait become meaningless," the statement said.

Rejecting the accusation made by the U.S. report saying Kuwaitis running human trafficking in an excuse of reducing global joblessness, the committee said in the statement that "The State of Kuwait opens its arms to those incoming workers and even provides them with all available job opportunities, unlike many other countries which combat and deport them on the grounds of fighting illegal immigration."

"By doing so, Kuwait ought to be commended, appreciated and even placed on an honors list," it added.