Indian Muslims doing well in the US


New York : India's emergence as a regional power and increasing global profile has had a positive affect on Non Resident Indians (NRIs) in the US, according to the president of the Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA).

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In an interview, Rasheed Ahmed, president of the IMC-USA, said the issues of Indian Muslims in America are not too different from Indian Muslims living in India except for their living standard and access to education and opportunities.

"When I say they are not too different from Indian Muslims, what I mean is just like the larger community in India does not understand the unique challenges of Muslims the larger Indian American community in America does not understand them either," he told a news portal,

IMC-USA was formed in 2002, after the Gujarat riots in India.

Highlighting the achievements of the council, Ahmed said it had been the voice of Indian Muslims within the Indian diaspora and also within the American Muslim space.

"We are increasing our reach within Indian American space and larger American society. We have good working relations with other Indian communities. We have eight chapters in various cities, the most recent being the Boston Chapter launched in May 2007," he said.

Ahmed said that Indian Muslims by and large are a well to do community in the US. A significant number of them are professionals, from engineers to doctors. More Indian Muslims are entering trade and other businesses.

He admitted that after 9/11 there was a pause in Muslims participating in mainstream American politics. But of late, there is a grassroots effort going on.

"Muslims in the US come from over 65 countries and have very diverse backgrounds. Yet there is a remarkable cooperation and a sense of community that can be used for more cohesiveness and maturity."