Maradona improves, may be discharged in 10 days

By Xinhua 

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Buenos Aires : Legendary Argentine football star Diego Maradona has shown progress at a local psychiatric clinic, and it is possible he may receive a medical discharge in 10 days, his personal doctor Alfredo Cahe has said.

"If Maradona's health and psychological improvement continues he may leave the clinic no later than in 10 days," Cahe told a local radio network.

Maradona has already been authorised to carry out short leaves from the psychiatric hospital to meet with his family, Cahe said Thursday.

"Diego leaves and meets with his family, with his parents and daughters or with his current wife's family. He has gone out to eat with them. It is no longer necessary for him to be in the clinic all the time," he said.

Maradona, 46, was interned in the Avril psychiatric clinic April 21.

On March 28, he underwent an emergency hospitalisation at Guemes Sanatorium where doctors diagnosed he was suffering a toxic-acute hepatitis due to excessive drinking.

The former Argentine captain was discharged from Guemes hospital due to pressures he exerted on doctors, although he suffered another emergency hospitalisation in Ezeiza locality's Los Arcos clinic due to severe stomach pains.