Syed Shahabuddin resigns from Congress

By staff reporter

New Delhi: Editor of Muslim India journal and the President of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat have quit Congress.

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Syed Shahabuddin released statement of his intent to quit Congress as the election process in UP is almost over. He has joined Congress on the eve of the 2004 General Election but it was clear that Congress did not have much use for him and he felt that officially being part of Congress he lost his freedom and “felft shackled in reacting to political developments.�

The intent to dissociate from Congress was communicated to Sonia Gandhi on 29th of March but the reason for delay in announcement according to Mr. Shahabuddin is becaue he waited for an answer but received no response and then he felt it was “politically immoral� to announce during UP Assembly Election process.

“Now that the U.P Election is over, I have decided to inform the people, my community and my political friends of where I stand.� He said in the release. He promised to devote his time for the work that he has been doing since quitting IFS, he assured his well-wishers that “I shall continue to devote my time and energy for the defeat of the communal forces which are hostile to Secularism and Social Justice.�

Syed Shahabuddin resigned from Indian Foreign Service in 1977 to become a full-time politician. In 1983 he launched Muslim India, a monthly journal, which was revived again in 2006. He was closely associated with the movements that arose for dealing with the Shah Bano triple talaq issue and the Babri Masjid.