Make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day


New Delhi : Whether it's by gifting her her favourite perfume, the dress she has been eyeing for a long time, making her indulge in some sinful chocolates, pampering her in a spa or by simply, but most importantly, spending some time with her, Mother's Day is all about celebrating the most special woman in your life.

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Celebrated in most countries on the second Sunday of May and with equal zeal and enthusiasm across the world, Mother's Day is looked forward to by all.

"There's no one day that you can celebrate the spirit of motherhood and tell your mom that she is special, but owing to the fast lane life that we are leading, we all know how often we do that actually!

"So it is a good thing that there is one day dedicated to our mothers completely. As far as I am concerned, I will spend the whole day with my mom, cook her favourite meal and take her to a movie later, just the two of us," said Amiya Das, an artist.

"My mom's birthday and mother's day falls apart by just two days, so we club both the celebrations into one big treat. This year, I am sending my mom and dad on a vacation to Europe. She's thrilled to the core about it," said Nayima Sharma, a writer.

"But from what I have seen and know, it's the small things that makes mothers happiest. A call, a wish or a flower… they are thrilled by the smallest things that their children do for them," added Sharma.

It was observed for the first time May 10, 1908, in a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the memory of Anna Reese Jarvis, mother of Anna Jarvis. Four years later, the Mother's Day International Association was set up to spread the concept and practice of observing Mother's Day.

Besides celebrating the day, those like human rights activists Akhila Shivdas said that we should celebrate the institution of motherhood not just on this day, but everyday.

"She rears the whole work force of the country and hence should not be relegated to the secondary post in the process of nation building. On Mothers' Day the country needs to salute the institution of motherhood," Shivdas told IANS.

She said that though the government has given some legal rights like registering the name of a baby on the name of mother, yet socially and psychologically she is still seen in a secondary position.

"In the case of parenting, she faces a huge challenge. Parenting should be a joint responsibility. Single parenting is yet to receive due recognition by the society," she said, adding that multiple problems need to be solved in our country.

"Apart from calling your mother to wish on the day, we all need to promise to give women a place of respect in society," said Tannvi Sharma, a working woman.