Mushawarat expects Mayawati to fulfil Muslims’ aspirations

By staff reporter

New Delhi : The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat has offered its sincere felicitations to the BSP and its leader Mayawati for their resounding victory in the UP Assembly Elections.

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Their victory gives "a new turn to State politics by bringing it out of the quagmire of successive coalitions for the last 15 years or more and the resulting state of economic depression and misgovernment," AIMMM president Syed Shahabuddin, who was recently in news for having tendered his resignation from Indian National Congress, said here Sunday.

"The people of U.P. and of the people of the country now look forward to a stable, strong and sensitive Government in the biggest State of the Union under Mayawati's leadership to fulfil the aspirations of its people for law and order, economic development, communal harmony and social justice," he added.

The Mushawarat leader further said, "Mayawati has emerged as a national leader, who combines her solid hold on the Dalit vote with the ability to form a social alliance to include the entire spectrum of castes and communities in our plural society.

"It is matter of satisfaction that the secular forces have routed the BJP in U.P. and made it difficult for it to capture power in Delhi. The prime objective behind the tactical voting by the Muslim community in U.P. was to ensure the victory in every constituency of the most winnable secular candidate. This has been largely achieved."

The BSP had fielded the largest number of Muslim candidates and has now emerged with the largest number of Muslim MLAs. The AIMMM, therefore, hopes that "her Government will pay due attention to the legitimate grievances and aspirations of the Muslim community of U.P., in which nearly one fourth of all Muslim Indians live, and give it a sense of participation and empowerment."