And now Charlie Chaplin in Bhojpuri

By Imran Khan


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Patna : Charlie Chaplin is all set to go Bhojpuri to tickle funny bones in rural Bihar. A Bhojpuri version of "Charlie Chaplin" is on the anvil to entertain millions.

"The Bhojpuri version will be made with a flavour of rural Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It will be a desi Charlie Chaplin, not a Hollywood one," said Parveen Singh Sisodia, a Bhojpuri film actor based in Mumbai.

Sisodia and his colleague Kunal Singh are planning to make the film.

Sisodia, who hails from Bihar, said the idea of making a Bhojpuri Charlie Chaplin movie struck them a few months ago when he played a character of Charlie Chaplin in the Bhojpuri film "Hum Hain Ganwar".

"I played the role of Charlie Chaplin in the film, but my role was one of the seven characters in the film. One fine day I discussed the film idea with Kunal Singh. He strongly supported it," he said.

Sisodia said the costumes and sets would give the film a Bihar-Uttar Pradesh rural touch.

"The shooting of the film is likely to start in October-November in Bihar."

A major portion of the film will be shot in rural locations in Patna, Muzaffarpur and other districts. "All these places will give a natural flavour of Bhojpuri instead of the real urban Charlie Chaplin," he said.

"The character of Charlie Chaplin will wear a traditional Bhojpuri costume and put a rural style," he added.

Sisodia said the name of the film would be decided during the shooting in Bihar.

The film is not going to have a big budget, but it would be costly enough for a Bhojpuri film. It is likely to hit the screens by next summer.