Ronaldo still hopes to play in 2010 World Cup

By Xinhua

Rio de Janeiro : Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, who plays for Italian Serie A team AC Milan, told a Brazilian television show that he hopes to return to international soccer and will work hard to deserve a place in Brazil’s 2010 World Cup team.

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“As always I have to be outstanding in my club and reach the national team by merit,” Ronaldo explained in Sunday’s interview.

He said he was sure that Brazil national team manager Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri was watching everyone.

“My goal is to play well for my club. When that happens I could be called up again,” he added.

Ronaldo also showed off a new hairstyle — an Afro grown during his three months off the pitch while recovering from a thigh injury. After 14 years of hair shorn close to the scalp, he is now seeking “a bushy helmet-like mane. It may even help me score more headers,” he said.

He also said he was proud that his son, Ronald, is playing for the junior team of a club in Madrid, where he continues to live with his mother.